Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Upside of Down

Hey all!

What a week this has been!  Things are going swell...and I'm down another pound!  New weight is 216.8 and I am down 68 pounds.  I can't wait to reach 75 down, I'll be treating myself to a new hairdo I decided.  And I'm getting so close to 100! 

I can't imagine what that will feel like.  Heck, I couldn't even imagine losing 20 at one point. 

Funny health related things to happen this week...

1) Some friends at work went to a fast food restaurant for take out.  I'm not judging, I did ask why they didn't ask me if I wanted anything.  My friend responded, "well, I didn't think you would eat Red No. 5, so I didn't bother!"  Hilarious!  I will still eat a greasy cheeseburger every now and then friends, but I have to really be in the mood for it and it doesn't happen often.  Its just funny that these new friends of mine only know me this way, not the girl with the eating problem that I once was.

2) I put on a dress this morning to wear to work.  I was excited to wear it, I remember when I wore it regularly it was really tight.  Well, I waited too long to wear it (sigh).  It is HUGE on me and looked ridiculous. I was disappointed, which I know sounds funny, but you know how it is when you get your heart set on wearing something and then you can't.  I found myself in Dothan today and stopped off at Ross.  Its been awhile since I've been there...scored 2 dresses for less than $30.  Made up for the one I need to give away now!  I need to look at my clothes and decide if I want to keep certain things to have them taken in or just get rid of it. Since I'm such a clearance shopper it might make sense to get rid of stuff and start over...hmmm...decisions decisions.

3) I ran three miles this morning. That isn't funny, its awesome.  The funny part is this - I realized on my Garmin that I was about .15 short of 3 miles when I reached my house so I ran around my house a few times.  The last lap around I looked up and my husband was watching me from the kitchen smiling.  When I got inside he told me that I was thinking back to when we first got married (and I weighed 180) and how if he had told me then I would be a runner today I would have laughed.  He is so right!  I don't always love the alarm clock going off in the morning but I love love love the rush and sense of accomplishment I get from running!  I'm so happy I get to do it.

So this week is National Rehab Professionals Week.  I need to give a shout out to my physical therapist, Jess, who helped me get back on my feet, literally!  Without her help there is no way I could be a runner today. 

Along my journey I've had several different people who have been integral to my progress.  They know who they it from just encouraging me to holding me accountable to being excited along with me.  My best friend from childhood is a dietician and now a PA and I always gush to her about how my healthy lifestyle is going and she is genuinely happy for me.  I know all of you reading this are.  That means a ton.

So the theme today is have fun with your journey...and find people in your life who can help you.  There is an upside to going down!  It's sometimes a bumpy road but will be SO worth all of the hard work!


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