Saturday, May 28, 2011

Starts with Planning, Ends with Jeans.

I had a great week.  Really, all around great week.  Very busy, but managed to stay on track.  How?  Good planning.

I brought my lunch every day this week except Tuesday when I was traveling for work (where I opted for a grilled chicken breast and veggies for lunch).  So the other days I made brilliant salads.  Dark greens, protein, and healthy salad dressing goodness.

Did really well at dinner too all week.  Even considering my travel I still cooked every night.

Also kept up with my activity.  Just 200 calories short of 4000 burned for the week.  Will be getting on the exercise bike in a few minutes to finish that off.

It really all comes down to planning. 

For exercise, every day I decide what activity I will do for exercise the next day.  Some days are pre-planned, like my Monday night Zumba.  But this Monday night there is no Zumba since it is a holiday.  Therefore I'm already thinking about what I will do instead. 

For eating, we grilled tonight.  I roasted sweet potatoes and boiled corn.  Grilled some zucchini with the pork steaks.  It all tasted amazing.  Had a lowfat brownie with strawberries and whip cream for dessert.  Stayed well within my calorie range.  But feel very satisfied and the food was awesome.

I weighed today and I'm down to 191.4.  Another 2.2 pounds.  I'll believe it Tuesday morning (official weigh in day) if it looks that good then.  But if that is so, I've lost 94 pounds.

SOOOOO close to 100 pounds down.  I can see it.  I'm rounding the bend.  And when I cross that 100 pounds down line I'll keep running to reach my final goal {approximately 20-30 more pounds depending on a variety of factors}.

Last weekend I bought a new pair of jeans.  They are Lee which I'm not usually a big fan of, but these had a really cute cut to them and are a size 14 (which for the record my Nine West jeans that are size 14 are getting too baggy - it is my opinion that Lee runs small).  I wore them to work yesterday and loved them so much I'm going back tomorrow to buy a size 12 and size 10 to hang on to for future fit.  I hesitated a little bit to buy the 10s as I haven't been that size since high school, but if I drop a size for every 10-15 pounds, then I will probably make it to a 10.  And that might be it.

But I've become less convinced that I really know my "end" goal weight as time continues on.  I've said 165 many times, which would be 120 pounds down.  The weight I was at my thinnest in high school was about 155.  BUT I was not the athlete then that I am today.  So with the crazy leg muscles I have now (I promise to post some pictures later this week), I'm not sure 155 would cut it. 

I know this...I refuse to sacrifice my athletic ability to be "skinny."

I just really want to be fit.  I read a great blog on Sparkpeople today about banning "skinny" and going for fit.

I really feel that is where I want to be.  I want to have a flat stomach, cut, fit arms, and shapely legs.  I'd like my thighs not to touch and my back to be smooth. 

I'd like my jeans to look good on me, but I don't really care what size they are.  If the 10s are my final goal jeans, and we determine that in about 25 pounds, then so be it.  If I never make it out of the 12s but I look good and run fast, then who cares? 

Not me.

But if I find myself continuing to lose but continuing to achieve my fitness goals and increase my strength, then we'll go that route.

It's not called a journey for nothing.

I'm in it for what's best for me.  New jeans or no new jeans.

There is WAY less pressure on this side of healthy.  I cannot even tell you how liberating this realization has been for me.

Won't you join me?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And the Winner is...


I had my official weigh in yesterday...and my official weigh in weight was 193.8.  I broke the 195 barrier FINALLY!  It wasn't without hard work - and that awesome eating cleanse I did last week really jumpstarted me back in the right direction.  Plateau?  Toast.

I worked really hard too.  That counts - lots of exercise and activity.  I earned it!

I have to say I've done really well since coming off the cleanse (unofficially already down to 193 this morning).  I have been more conscious of getting my veggies in, as well as not eating for no reason.

Take today for example.  I packed leftover chicken and spinach enchiladas for lunch.  I had 2 enchiladas which was a little more than I might normally have but I didn't bring any snacks so I was hungry.  At dinner we made turkey burgers and it just worked out that Stephen did not put cheese on mine (100 calories save) AND I was going to make sweet potatoes to go with it but we ran out of time, SO I ended up doing carrots and light ranch with our turkey burgers.  That's it.  A few years ago that wouldn't have even qualified as a snack.  Tonight it was delicious and filling!  And got my veggies in.

Yesterday morning I did a short run as I had a work trip to fly out for early in the morning.  I did sprints and luck had it that my Garmin had run out of juice so I don't even know how I did.  I estimated I probably only burned 250 calories which is below my 600-700 plan for most days of the week.  Today I decided to make up for it.  Ran 5k this morning burning 602 calories, then biked 12 miles on my recumbent bike tonight for another 700+ calorie burn while I watched the finale for the Biggest Loser.

{side note - I'm pretty proud of myself that I managed to miss any news on who won the show and watched it tonight - it was awesome!}

So today I burned over 1334 calories and ate 1359.  I don't recommend going that crazy in one day I just felt good and wanted to make up for lost sweat equity yesterday.

I saw this quote tonight on someone's facebook status that really resonated with me:

There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.
WOW, right?

I feel like it sums up what I've been saying for about 21 months now.  I am not just INTERESTED in losing weight and getting healthy.  I am COMMITTED to it.

I spoke to a woman at the grocery store the other day when she commented on my healthy food in the cart - she assumed I had always been the size I am today.  I had to show her my before picture. 

Think about that.  I talk to many people who ask me a few curious questions here and there about my journey.  They are impressed, but you can tell that many cannot fathom that I've done the hard work.  Sometimes I feel like they are waiting for me to tell them that I got a shot and the weight fell off.

It's not that easy.

I'm "interested" in alot of things.  Reading books - though I rarely finish one.  Playing piano - though I hardly ever get to practice.  The beach - hardly ever go.

I'm "committed" to just a few special things in my life.  My husband.  My daughter.  My God.  My health.

My health finally ranks somewhere in the commitment side of my life vs just being something I'm interested in fixing.  Or wishing I could change.

Because I have changed it.  And I'm not done morphing.  But man, am I on the fast track to success.

In 8 more pounds I will have reached 100 pounds down.  I will still have some to go (20-30 pounds depending on how I look and feel).  But I will have seen something all the way through to completion.  Using my commitment.

There are only a few things in life I can say I'm committed to.

And living my life the best way possible is now one of them.


Monday, May 23, 2011


So I came home from work today to a package I had both looked forward to...and dreaded.

How could I feel such mixed emotions?

I'll tell ya.  Because I ordered a bathing suit online (insert cheers and boos together).

I've tried a few suits on this past few months at local stores with NO luck.  I have to have one that ties around the neck for support.  And I am not at all OK with my thighs in their current state so I decided I needed a short skirt.

How do I find that without looking like my mom?  (no offense, mom!)

I actually think last year's bathing suit shopping was better than this years.  Maybe because I actually filled out the suit - whereas now, I have more "flab" if that makes sense.  Think deflated balloon.  Well, sort of, I need to be a little fair to myself.  Imagine how bad it would be if I didn't exercise like I do!

Well I went into my room and put the bathing suit on...and...drum roll...LOVED IT!  I thought at best it would be "ok" but I ended up really really liking it!  So much so that I'm contemplating putting a picture on my blog of me in it.  I said contemplating.  Won't happen tonight...but maybe this week!  My husband loved it too.  :)

It is a multicolored tankini with a short skirt bottom. 

So the website I use is  They have all sorts of sizes and when I was a 20 I got my first suit from there.  Last years' suit came from Old Navy which was a fluke.  I'm so super excited I can't wait until I have somewhere to wear it!  I need to fix my tan line as I have a permanent racer back tan line from running in my tanks.

So there it is for you folks.  I love my new bathing suit.  Man, that makes me happy.  I'm going back to their website to see if they have any other colors on clearance that I can't live without.  Yippee!!!

That's it for tonight - I tried to take a "picture" of the magazine page with the 5 day Cleanse that I did last week on it but alas I could not attach it for some reason. I would be glad to email it to anyone who wants it, just drop your email addy in my comments box.

Happy Week to you ALL!


PS - tomorrow morning is weigh in - should have a good post tomorrow night to wrap up last week's cleanse!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5 - GOOOOAL!

SO I made it to Day 5.  Well halfway through it anyway.  Just have my yummy wrap for dinner and then I'm DONE with this 5 day cleanse.

I knew I'd be too busy tonight so here is my blog for this final day. 

Here are the things I have learned and reconfirmed during this challenge.

1) Just because it's there doesn't mean I have to try it.  Believe it or not there was a HUGE basket of temptation brought into the office today.  It was full of muffins, cookies, brownies and seriously, HUGE.  Once again I filled up my water bottle and moved along.  Each time I do that I feel THAT MUCH STRONGER!

2) Healthy food is yummy.  Once you acquire a taste for certain different foods, like raw spinach, greek yogurt, brown rice, etc., you start to realize that natural flavors taste really good!  My banana smoothie for breakfast this week was to die for!  Pretty sure that and other versions of smoothies for breakfast are here to stay.

3) Exercise is SO worth the time and effort.  Getting out of bed early in the morning is REALLY hard for me.  I hate getting up earlier than "necessary."  But exercise is now necessary!  And I always feel a million times better for it.  All that sweat = pounds melting off.  Without exercise, my fuel is pointless.

4) My eating plan had slacked off...I needed a FOOD-lift!  It was too easy for my eating to slide - a little bit of this here, ok, just one of those.  White bread this time?  ok, if that is all there is.   Big portion?  Of course, I ran 4 miles today and I'm starving! This week reminded me that I had food rules for a reason.  And controlling portions is such a big factor - I have proven this week that I can eat smaller portions and be satisfied.  When I watch my portions and follow my own food rules consistently, the scale and I are best buds.  So I'm going back to the basics this weekend, reading my earlier blogs and giving myself a much needed Food-lift. 

5) Nothing tastes as good as good choices feel.  There is nothing I have had a craving for this week that I thought would be worth me making a bad choice.  Now, this is only a 5 day challenge so that made it easier knowing that soon enough I would be "free."  But really, nothing was worth derailing me.  And if you've read my blogs this week you'll know I came into contact with ALOT of potential derailments.  Each time I walked away, politely declined and crunched on my spinach salad I felt...






Me, Will Power and Self Control - we're tight.  And we are a force to be reckoned with.  More to come in the next few days as I come off of this cleanse and ease back into my healthy lifestyle (with the food-lift of course).


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 4 Jumpstart...80% DONE!

Day 4...CHECK!

Today I avoided donuts at work.  I'm telling you, I go on a strict eating regimen for 5 days and then all food heck breaks loose around me.  Lunch catered in Monday and an all day meeting complete with a gallon of available candy, ice cream social on Tuesday, then donuts at work this morning.

Guess how much of all of that I consumed?


Remember those friends I talked about a few months ago?  Will Power and Self Control?  They hung with me in full force this week.  I seriously heart them.

Pretty sure they (and a few good lunch buddies) are why I still lost weight at my last job despite the almost daily from scratch desserts that showed up. Those healthcare people can EAT!

So all in all, the scale is whispering sweet nothings (rather excitedly) this week but I won't talk much about it until my official weigh in on Tuesday.  All I will say is that I believe I really got the jumpstart I needed...

....and I should probably start the pre-planning for my 100 pounds lost party in June.

Don't get too excited...this doesn't mean I'm almost there...but I'm definitely on my way by all reasonable calculations.

Man, I say I'm not going to say anything and there I go spilling 3,000 clues.  Oh well, to know me is to love me.

One very cool thing I have noticed is my waistline.  I wish I had measured my waist on Sunday - I promise you, it is smaller.  Visibly so.  Gah for not having measured.  Please if you are on a weight loss journey and you don't do measurements now, please start doing monthly.  Seeing a total number of inches can be as motivating as seeing the numbers on the sale move.  I'm disappointed I can't see numbers but very happy I can still see CHANGE.

Check out this girl on Sparkpeople who has visual comparisons of similar weights and different sizes:

160 pounds across 4 sizes!

I don't have much else to say since the food is the same every day (ha).  Had a good run this morning and thought about doing another workout this evening but decided to give myself a little break and do another workout in the morning along with my long run Saturday morning.

There you have it - will be very happily blogging Day 5 (the LAST day) tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 3 Jumpstart...Rounding the Bend!

So I'm blogging on my lunch break - I never do this, but I have a plan to be in bed by 9pm tonight.  I've gone to bed at 10pm or later the past 3 nights which has made it harder to wake up and work out and even harder to get to work on time.  It throws everything off.  SO.  Tonight is 9pm.  I don't care if the dog is still awake.  I won't be. 

I'm 60% done with this jumpstart plan!!!

Day 3 is going well! Just finished my amazing spinach salad.  I love love love it.  It will likely become a staple.  I'm feeling really good.  Rode 10 miles on my exercise bike this morning while watching last night's Biggest Loser on (no cable).  I just love that show, it is so inspiring.  Those women are making me see myself in the future where they are - and I totally see how attainable my goals are.

I debated on whether or not to post this, but today I'm down another 2 pounds - got on the scale just to see, not officially weigh in and I was surprised though I thought I noticed a slight difference in my waistline.  The reason I debated is this - *results not typical.*  I don't want any of my blog followers to stop what they are doing if they are seeing success to do this.  Because it is a short term metabolism boost and should only be reserved for plateaus.  I have not lost 4 pounds in a week since my first week in August 2009 when I began this journey.  And who knows how the week will shake out - I may gain again by the end of the week.  So, please pay attention to this disclaimer - this is not something that everyone even should do.  But I am glad to say it seems to be working for me and the purpose was to jump start my weight loss again.  I needed a recharge!

While it is working for me, the hard work actually begins when this ends.  I can gain every bit of it back if I go on a free-for-all come Saturday and beyond.  But I am aware of this and planning on NOT letting that happen.  And I'm encouraged that I should hit 90 pounds down very soon (I'm at 195.6 so just .6 away!) and I'm that much closer to 100 pounds lost!

Man, I can't wait to write that blog post...the 100 pound party.

When I started this journey it was soooo far away I couldn't even imagine the feeling.  Now I have butterflies just thinking about how it will happen and trying to decide how we will celebrate.  This year.  Maybe even in the next few months.  WOW!!!

So there it is - an update, a disclaimer and a hopeful prophecy. 

See you on Day 4!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 2 Jumpstart...

I made it through Day 2!  Yeah!

It wasn't terribly hard today.  Experienced a bit of nausea but that could very well be related to the week and the moon if you know what I mean.  Overall I feel good and I managed to avoid eating ANY ice cream at the ice cream social we had at work this afternoon for employee appreciation week.

I had a good run this morning, had limited time due to getting out later than normal but it was good nonetheless.  I drank half of my banana smoothie before going out and the other half when I got back.  Perfection!

One variance today was that I added a tablespoon of light ranch dressing to my wrap at dinner.  It was a nice addition, but I could easily just add salsa and be fine. 

Another slight variance is I was dying for something sweet tonight after dinner.  I made the family raspberry/peach/banana smoothies and I had half a cup of one.  (like literally half a cup).  I'm sure that won't kill me...

It sure was challenging making yummy spaghetti for my family and not eating any - so while their noodles cooked I ate my wrap.  We all kind of ate all over the place tonight and it worked out ok so I didn't have to watch anyone eat the yummy spaghetti. :)  I'm not crazy over spaghetti, but just like any mentality, when you "can't" have it man, you want it that much more!  No matter what it actually is.  I have found myself craving strange things that I never really wanted but as SOON as I said "I can't have that" there was a spotlight on it and it began speaking to me.

This is the reason that dieting doesn't work.  I'm not averse to doing a cleanse like this one...because it only lasts 5 days!  I could never do something like this long term.  But I have a specific purpose and reason in mind.  And after this week my healthy eating lifestyle will feel so much freer than this eating plan this week. 

I have scaled down my exercise just a tad as well.  I can tell I have a little less energy than I had (again may have to do with the moon) and given my calories are around 1200 I just can't burn 4000 this week.  I am shooting for 3000 though.

I don't plan on any kind of crazy eating free for all come Saturday.  I plan to ease back into my eating plan, up my calories again by a few hundred, and then up my activity again as well.

So I am 40% done with this challenge and I feel really good.

Oh - and the best part?  This morning I was down 2 pounds from last Tuesday.  I'm sure some of that is water weight since I only had 1 day going on the jumpstart plan, so I'm encouraged that the rest of this week will yield good results.

195 here I come!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1 Jumpstart...And We're OFF!

So today I began my 5 day Jumpstart...I'm calling it that, it isn't actually named that.  I think the name is 5 day healthy cleanse that I found in my Health magazine.  Anyway, I'm hoping it will jump start my metabolism that has been slow as molasses this past few months.  Getting me on my way to losing this last pesky 30 pounds.

It's funny to say that my "last 30 pounds" is pesky when that is more than alot of people want to lose.  But given I've lost about 85, I'd say 30 can qualify as pesky at this point.

My day started with probably the best smoothie I've ever tasted - and I'm not just trying to be Miss Positivity here - it was divine.  And HUGE.  I plan to drink half of tomorrow's before going out for my run.

Lunch was also scrumptious.  The goat cheese and pecans really complimented my spinach salad and the homemade pomegranate dressing is definitely a keeper!  I was very satisfied. (missing the polenta croutons they want you to make - might add those later in the week if I can find polenta!)

Snack was also really good - the plain greek yogurt mixed with rolled oats and honey (the recipe called for a few teaspoons of honey, but I put about 2 tablespoons - it needed it!).

Finally, dinner was a black bean and chicken whole wheat wrap with tomatoes and brown rice.  I needed avocado but didn't have time to get to the store - will try to do that tomorrow on my lunch break.  I stuffed the wrap with spinach.  It would have tasted better with some light sour cream and salsa but I'm out of both so I went with it plain.  It tasted really really good.  Maybe because I was starving by then!

I drank 3 water bottles (24 oz each) full of the green tea (no sweetener or sugar).  I actually like the taste - remember I drink plain water all the time (drank about 3 bottles full of that too - also 24 oz each).  I think my eyeballs are floating officially with 144 oz of liquid but that definitely helps with the flushing effect.

I was really hoping I would not bonk during Zumba tonight but a little concerned since my eating was different.  Not only did I not bonk, I felt great.  And can't wait to get up and run in the morning!  And have another one of those awesome banana smoothies.  I'm already thinking about what other kind of smoothie I can make once I'm done with this cleanse.

So I'm 20% done!  I feel cleaner already.  HA!  Really, I feel good and am excited to see how this week plays out. 

More tomorrow!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

5 Day Jumpstart

May is halfway through and wow, it truly feels like it has flown by.  I've been at my new job for 6 weeks...and I have lost less than 4 pounds in two months.

SO.  Time to change something up.  Time to do something drastic.

Not starve myself or take laxatives drastic.

Not cut out all happy foods drastic.

I'm goal oriented.  Not crazy. :)

So instead I'm going to do a 5-day food cleanse.  It should help flush my system of the impurities I've probably built up growing a bit lax with my eating over the past few months.  And it should jump start my metabolism into the right direction.  Operative term being *should.*

***Note*** I did do a different kind of cleanse with "all natural vitamins" last year that almost ended with me in the ER.  It was going well and you're supposed to increase the dosage as you go along, but the day I took 6 pills I think my body was already empty.  Talk about PAIN.  Never again for me...

Anyway, back to it...

I found the cleanse in my monthly issue of Health magazine.  I searched their website and could not find it completely spelled out to put a link here, so I'll give you the main components of it below.  If it works well I'll republish it with exact measurements and recipes.

Breakfast:  Banana Smoothie (1 banana, milk and ice blended together).
Lunch: Spinach salad with goat cheese, pecans and pomegranate dressing (pomegranate juice, olive oil and dijon mustard)
Snack: plain Greek yogurt with rolled oats and honey.
Dinner: black bean, chicken and avocado whole grain wrap with brown rice, tomatoes and shredded carrot.
Drink: 2 quarts of green tea each day (adding sliced lemon, lime and orange).  I plan to drink this along with my normal water intake.

The funny thing is I would eat any of these things independently (and love the salad dressing recipe btw).  So this isn't going to be too terribly tough for me this week.  I'm sure by Friday I will be "over it" but I do tend to eat the same things at least for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  It is dinner time that will be hard.

I've already figured out what Stephen and Elizabeth will eat for dinner this week.  I'm making spaghetti one night (already have the sauce frozen), that should last them two nights, then there are leftover grilled hotdogs (all beef) from tonight, and Stephen will make hamburgers for them another night, as well as breakfast for dinner on that last night.

So I spent some time this afternoon preparing my meals for the week except the banana smoothie.  I plan to make that fresh every morning - but I had to buy a blender today as I did not own one!  (I know - gasp!).  I'm excited about being able to make smoothies and hope to continue that trend with summer approaching.

Back to my prep - we grilled the chicken, diced it, and I cooked the brown rice (2 batches because I burned the first batch in the microwave - not sure how, because I am following the instructions - its crazy!), drained the black beans and diced tomatoes, then combined it all with the recommended seasonings.  Also got my salads together for 4 of the 5 days.  Tuesday I have a lunch date but fortunately I picked the restaurant this time and it has a salad VERY similar to the one I will be eating each day.  Then I put together my greek yogurt combo and am just hoping I don't rush off to work and forget my lunch one day.

I'm preparing to get picked on tomorrow when I don't order lunch out (we have a day long meeting once a month and have lunch catered in) but I don't care.

Reminds me of one of Dave Ramsey's mottos - "Live like no one else so you can live like no one else."

My healthy lifestyle has had to be different from everyone else.  Mainly because many people eat unhealthily - and not necessarily on purpose, they just might not know better.

And I haven't allowed that to derail me up to this point.

I can do just about anything for 5 days.  So while this might have me a little grumpy, I'm hoping to see the jump start on my weight loss that I'd like.  I weighed in at 199.6 the other day, a few pounds up from my low of 196.4.  I'd like to get down to 195 with this cleanse, which happens to be taking place the week I normally lose a chunk anyway.  SO, that should be attainable.

We'll see! I'll be checking in to let you know how I'm doing.  I will probably need to be blogging every day this week to keep myself from my marshmallows and dark chocolate. 

I am excited!!!!!  Can you tell??? 

Talk to you soon.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Re-Calibrate That

Just like a car, every now and then our minds and outlooks need a tune up.  Things need to be calibrated, adjusted, and sometimes even repaired or replaced.

If I hadn't been making these adjustments or repairs along the way I would never have made it this far.

It's like over time, your mind (engine) gets clogged up and cloudy.  Unable to function the same way it has been throughout your journey.  Slowly becoming out of touch with what keeps you running.  I've come to realize that I need regular maintenance in order to continue losing weight successfully. 

And so here I am again.

In the shop.

Had a few days of travel for work and in several situations had extremely limited food choices.  This resulted in a torrid but brief affair with white flour, cookies and a milkshake.  I can't blame the milkshake on the travel.  But I have found one bad choice usually leads to another, then another, then another.

Same with good choices.  One good choice leads to another, then another, then another.

So today I'm getting a tune up on my food choices and recalibrating my food rules.  Here are the main rules that have made me successful:

1) Only eat whole grains.  No white bread, pasta or anything made with white bleached flour.  I way prefer wheat anyway.
2) Only eat desserts you love.  No dessert unless I really really want to try it...and then it needs to be a small serving.  No reason to try all these new and different cakes, cookies, etc., that I know I won't really enjoy. 
3) Make each calorie count. Eat foods that will be used for fuel - with my crazy workout schedule I need that fuel to make it through.  Empty calories do nothing for my body or my workouts.  Before I eat it, ask myself, will this help or hinder me?
4) Eat mindfully.  It's so easy to just eat mindlessly.  Eating should be a conscious effort...and just as conscious a decision.
5) Limited or NO processed foods.  Avoid foods that have ingredients that I can't pronounce without assistance.  Enough said...
6) Be picky!  It is completely OK to be picky about food.  Not "I'll only eat bacon" picky but I am not going to waste calories on foods I don't like or aren't good for me.  I'm going to turn my nose up at greasy food, white bread, processed food and desserts I don't love.  If I offend someone...oh well.  It's not about them.  THIS...this is about me.  If they love me they will understand.  Right?  Right.

So there it is - routine maintenance on my food mindset.  I feel like I've cleaned the slate.  Publishing it seems to help me make it happen when I need a tune up. 

Here's to moving in the right direction once again.  Refreshed.  Rejuvenated.  Unstoppable.

I am once again a force to be reckoned with. 

I dare you white flour.  Just try me.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simple Logic = Desired Results

So this past week I have sort of lost my mojo.  "What???" you exclaim.  How is this possible?

I'll tell you how.  LIFE!  LACK OF PLANNING!  LACK OF CONFIDENCE!  LACK OF MOJO! {yes, I'm yelling, but in a 'frustrated at myself' way, not at you, ok?  ok}

And it is incredible to me that even 20 months and almost 90 pounds lost into my journey to better health I struggle just like anyone else.  It's not at all that I think I'm above it.  I've pondered this for awhile this week.  And thinking through this really taught me something.

There is no end to this race.  There really isn't a finish line.  I mean, there are major celebrations along the way.  Like the first 20 pounds...then 50 pounds down, then reaching Onederland once again...but even when I hit 100 pounds down {soon, ahem} I still won't have "arrived."

Even when I hit my goal weight of 160 (exactly 37 pounds from here) I still will not have "arrived."

And I am learning to be OK with that.

Because I didn't become the girl in the purple shirt overnight.  {see my before picture below}  And it was continuous unhealthy behavior that got me there.

So the only thing that will KEEP me from ever being that girl again is continuous healthy behavior.

Wow, I kill me with all of this logic. 

But why is it so hard, when really it sounds so simple?  Chew on that calorie-free logic.

I, we, everyone - we must stop over-complicating healthy choices.  At the end of the day it is about making the best choices to achieve your goals.

If you are at a red light and turning left will get you to your destination about 2 miles sooner, why in the world do you turn right?

When shopping for a specific recipe, would you purposely choose the wrong ingredient?

If you need a black sweater for your teal glitter dress, what would possess you to purchase a bright orange and purple polka-dotted one?

My point in this rant is to show you, and remind ME that it is all about making the choices that will lead you to your goals, every day.  It is the every day small choices that make huge changes in your health in the long run.

The choice to exercise.  The choice to eat healthy most of the time.  The choice to NOT get seconds at the church dinner.  The choice to drink water.  The choice to get enough sleep.

Plain and SIMPLE.

Now I'm off to do my food reporting on SparkPeople for the day to see what I have left for dinner.  And I'm going to make the choices that will allow me to finish in range.  Then I'm going to be sure my menu plan and lunch plan is ready for the week.  And then I'm going to document the exercise/calories I plan to burn each day in my phone with annoying reminders.  Mapping it all out.

And I'm going to make the best choices I can this week.

The ones that will lead me TO my goal and not AWAY from it.

Because that girl in the purple shirt, left side of this picture, was not happy with herself.  She became physically nauseated when she saw this picture for the first time.  As you can see I've changed a great deal on the outside...but I've also changed on the inside too.  I never want to be her again.  And I don't plan to.

Who's with me?


PS - new goal to be at 100 pounds lost (13 pounds from now) by June 15th.  This is a stretch for me but I'm giving it a try!