Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bloodwork Don't Lie!

Hey friends!

Sorry for the blog break. It has seriously been crazy busy, as per usual.  I'm just better at managing it sometimes than others.

So as you know in October/November I hit a few bumps that tumbled into pretty huge realizations of my struggle with food, my compulsive overeating disorder, my attempts to "harm" myself with food, etc.  It was a tough time.  I spent more time thinking than I have in a long time.  I spent time calling myself out on my feelings, naming them, becoming OK with them, and ultimately, putting myself on the path to healing the wound that food has been for such a long time for me.

It is so funny to me when people who don't struggle with food issues try to identify with someone like me who has them.  These aren't always "skinny" people or "fit" people, many times they are just people we know, who have never been obese and just live in moderation...and wonder why not all of us can do that.  It can get exhausting explaining myself so unless I'm asked, I don't bother.  And that's OK with me.  For those it might help, I blog about it.  And hopefully my transparency on this blog will help one other person.  So yeah, I end up putting a great deal of "me" out here in cyber space, which may or may not be advisable to some.  But truly, I feel called to share my testimony in the event it might help someone else begin their healing process as well.

Some great things have happened in the last few weeks I want to tell you about.  First, I had my bloodwork done.  Now, I haven't had a lipid panel (cholesterol measurement) done since 2010.  I had bloodwork last December but for some reason they didn't measure that (wha???).

Anyway there was a part of me a little concerned about my cholesterol since I have a high protein and healthy fat with TONS of veggies diet.  Funny but true, a friend recently told me she was somewhat concerned about how MUCH I eat as you can see from the food pics I post, this girl doesn't go hungry.

First, really funny, they sent me a postcard from the dr office saying "your bloodtest results were normal!" when I had clearly asked to get a copy.  lol. I guess some people just aren't curious?

So here are my results compared with results from the past:

Cholesterol Info 7/1/2009 1/20/2010 8/4/2010 8/25/2011 11/19/2013
HDL (40 or >) 67 40 49 52 68
Triglyc (<150 td=""> 228 169 143 106 48
LDL (<100 td=""> 122 109 114 112 108
Total Cholesterol (<200 td=""> 235 183 192 185 186

Hoping this shows up well on my blog, but you can see the following:

Comparing my HDL (good cholesterol) year over year, it dipped down for a few years, and then went back up.  I'm at an all-time high right now which is excellent.  YEAH!

Comparing my Triglycerides (the fat in the blood) year over year, it took a good jump each year landing, amusingly at 48.  48!  I have been in awe of that number.  I'm so pleased with that.  And guess what?  I EAT FAT!  And EGGS - 3-5/DAY!  YOLK AND ALL!  Sorry.  Felt it needed to be shouted.  Eggs are not your enemy.  French fries from McDonalds are!  This marks a 180 point DECLINE in my Triglycerides in 4 years!

Comparing my LDLs (bad cholesterol) year over year, you can see it's kind of all over the map.  They want your LDL under 100 IF you are at risk of heart disease.  Since I am clearly not (there was even a note on my bloodwork to state that, the lab made) this being a smidge higher than 100 is not a big deal. In fact, between 100-129 is "near ideal" depending on who you ask.  I'm super happy with this as well.

TOTAL Cholesterol numbers:  year over year comparison, decreased by 49 points total which is awesome!
I know my increased activity/strength and good nutrition is to thank for these changes.  You know I have been so excited about it!

So...not to overwhelm, and I have somewhere to be, so I'll update you on my physiograph I had done over Thanksgiving break and how I made it through Thanksgiving later on.

MORAL - keep going and striving to be healthier and fitter!  You will be glad you did.  I SURE AM!  Bloodwork don't lie.