Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30 Checkin

That's it folks...we are officially halfway through this 60 day challenge!  I weighed in today at 210.8, so I'm down 4.2 since the start of this.  Not bad for 30 days...but I can do a little better.  I would love to be under 200 by 12/31, so that is what I'm aiming for.  We'll see if I can pull it off!  I realize how aggressive that is...and as you know from following me I'm not going to be crushed if I can't get there.

Can I just say "hello, I lost weight during Thanksgiving week - again!!!"  GO ME!

In the meantime I'm catching up on the Biggest Loser on hulu.com and getting in bed early as I have a very busy day at work tomorrow.  I love watching that show and being inspired - and excited that I probably wouldn't qualify to be on it anymore.  :)  That's pretty darn cool.  I watched it for the first time last year wishing I could be on there.  Now I am lighter than everyone at first, then they begin to catch up to me.  :) 

And the part that kind of chokes me up is that I am doing it without a show or a trainer.  Now I have certainly had support and help...but its me getting myself up in the morning.  That's pretty cool to realize.

I read a quote today that stuck with me - "don't treat your stomach like a garbage can."  Really made me think about the kind of food we put in our bodies.  That is part of why I don't drink sodas anymore - have you seen what happens to the engine of a car when coke is poured on it?  Why do my innards need that kind of cleanse?  Now I still have a diet coke once every 6 months or so - but I know really, its like putting trash in my body.  Now if I could channel that same resolve around marshmallows...lol.  Small changes, folks, small changes. 

So here are my stats for today:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1711
Carbs: 203
Fat: 68
Protein: 72

OUTPUT (exercise):
420 Calories burned: Sprints & Speedwork for 42 minutes (almost 3 miles)

Finishing WELL!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29 Checkin

A beautiful Monday it was.  I enjoyed a great week off last week and while I paid for it a little bit at my desk today, I know it was worth it.  It was also good to be back at work, really.  I love my job.

I did have a slight binge issue today.  I haven't done that in awhile but I'm chalking this one up to hormones...and it was on a super food at least...dark chocolate covered almonds.  I had some at my desk and I could tell the person who filled in for me last week had gotten into them (lol).  I had a handful and then just wanted, really wanted more.  I tried to stave off the craving, even putting some back but I ended up finishing them.  All 400 calories worth.  Geez!  Well, again, it was a superfood.  And I'm pre-menstrual and usually have some sort of chocolate attack around this time.  Next time I will have plain dark chocolate around so I don't have all the added fat of the almonds.  I love almonds and absolutely believe they are heart healthy...in small quantities (like the dark chocolate). 

So I won't buy dark chocolate covered almonds again for awhile.  It is safer to keep my chocolate and my almonds separate.  Especially when I see that I burned that exact amount of calories in my workout tonight.  lol.

I did not go over my calories, but did go over the fat intake by a little.  And I was a bit short on protein today, will remedy that tomorrow.

I could not get up early but did manage to get in a Biggest Loser workout tonight.  It was great.  I am planning on getting up early tomorrow and running some intervals with a friend.  I am excited about that and looking forward to kicking another 500 calories in the teeth.  Take that, hormones.

So here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1655
Carbs: 221
Fat: 73
Protein: 39

OUTPUT (exercise):
400 Calories burned: Biggest Loser Cardio Max Level 1 with warmup/cooldown.

Have a great Monday night!  See ya tomorrow!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 Checkin

I did not run this morning.  At 6:30am it still felt like 2am so I slept in (as much as you can when you have to get to church - hehe).  I wish I had run - but as tired as I have been, I also realize sometimes my body needs a good rest.

So I'm almost halfway through this end of the year challenge.  Pushing my official weigh in to this coming Tuesday - I can tell I'm retaining water, likely from eating more sodium than normal and all the travel.  The interesting thing is, coming off a week of tons of calories burned, my body looks different than it did last week as strange as that may sound.  Small changes I notice, like my waist getting smaller and my pants looser and I think toning really occurred last week. 

There's this defining moment with clothing that I have come to learn - when I realize it is time to retire an article of clothing.  As much as that is a happy time, its also kind of a bummer...like today, I love my black pants that I wear now, love them.  Today I realized that it would be time to retire them when they kept slipping below my drawers.  And there are no belt loops on these pants...so that's it.  Retirement time.  Makes me sad but happy at the same time.  Then there's being in between sizes - that is also a pain.  I have quite a few pairs of pants that are a size 14 that I'm not quite in yet (remember my only 14s I can wear are compliments of Daisy Fuentes).  I am not willing to wear clothes I can't breathe in so I'm waiting...at least I know I have a bunch of clothes waiting for me but I am definitely a set 16 now, 18s are being retired.  Sigh.  Like I said, happy but also kind of a bummer.  I'll be so happy when I can wear my 14s though that I will probably not be bummed - its different when an entire wardrobe awaits!

That said, I hope you are ending your holiday weekend well.  I'm too tired to think about getting up early and working out tomorrow morning but I definitely plan to.  Going to do another hard hitting week of exercise to see what other changes I can make this week!  :D

Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):

Calories: 1610
Carbs: 183
Fat: 69
Protein: 65

OUTPUT (exercise):
REST DAY #2! :)

Happy Sunday night!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 27 Checkin

Hey!  Quick post today - very tired from the packing and ride home.  Also stayed up late last night spending some time with my favorite people.  I had a true rest day today once we got to home sweet home.  May or may not get up to run in the morning - we'll see how I feel when the morningtime comes!  I could use some rest. :)

Here are my stats for today!  excited to get on the scale tomorrow...

INPUT (food facts):

Calories: 1744
Carbs: 227
Fat: 73
Protein: 54

OUTPUT (exercise):

Finishing the Thanksgiving week WELL!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26 Checkin

Hey all!

Today was another good day, the last day of vacation.  I'm looking forward to my own bed, my own food and my own routine.  :)  Not that any of that have been bad here, I'm just ready for some normalcy!

We shopped for about 6 hours today so I put my calories into an online calculator to figure out how many calories I burned (http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/cbc).  I've tested this and compared to Spark People and my Garmin in regard to activity for running so I trust the rest of it. :)  We also took an extra walk of about a mile or so later on in the afternoon.  Rightfully so I was hungry!  So I went over my calories but also went way over my activity too (today was supposed to be a rest day).

All in all a great week - excited for my date with the scale Sunday morning!  Tomorrow will be a hectic day of loading the car, driving, unloading, unpacking, etc...but it will be a "rest" day from true exercise (like today - haha).

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1805
Carbs: 262
Fat: 54
Protein: 75

OUTPUT (exercise):
1,087 Calories burned - 4 hours of shopping (was actually 6 but I cut it down to 4 due to driving around, etc) and a 1.5 mile walk when I got home.

Also, feel free to check out my friend Anwen Elizabeth's photography blog www.anwenelizabethphotography.com/2010/11/clara/
- I am honored to be a guest blogger on there today talking about my journey and showing the before and "current" pictures.  Enjoy it!  I can't wait to do my "after" pics with her in the spring/summer!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days 24 & 25 Checkin

Hey!  Sorry for the delay in posting.

Here are my stats:

Wednesday November 24 
INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1393
Carbs: 191
Fat: 46
Protein: 77

OUTPUT (exercise):
500 Calories burned - Biggest Loser Cardio Max, Levels 1&2 plus warm up/cool down.

Thursday November 25
INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1599
Carbs: 201
Fat: 46
Protein: 72

OUTPUT (exercise):
672 Calories burned - Sprints/Walking 4.34 miles total (2 separate workouts)

It's been a wonderful week.  Time spent with family, and TONS of physical activity.  I log my activity/calories burned into Sparkpeople and I need to burn 1900 calories a week to stay on track.  So far this week I'm up to 2787.  I am going to update my profile on there to add more activity (which will add more calories) since this will be a typical work out week for me going forward.  I do plan to take a "rest" day tomorrow and hit some stores with my mom!

Thanksgiving doesn't fill me with the dread some face of gaining holiday weight.  I lost weight last Thanksgiving - and I'm pretty sure I will lose this week too.  It's not that I don't indulge or eat what I want - its that there is a good balance.  And I have TWO Thanksgiving meals to attend so I have to be extra attentive.

So this morning I started out by getting in a good 3 miles doing strictly speedwork.  I ran 20 sprints with walk breaks in between up to the 3 miles.  It was a great workout and I burned 465 calories.

Then we ate our first Thanksgiving meal at my inlaws.  See, the food is completely different at each place.  My husband's family is southern style and mine northern.  So at my inlaws, I know I'm going to have to have some sweet potato souffle, "dressing" (which I thought was salad dressing when they first mentioned it to me over a decade ago) and this year my MIL made a healthy broccoli salad.  I was in heaven!

Then we went for a walk - about 1.5 miles, beautiful weather and nice company.  We came back to my parents house and finished the prep for the meal there.  I had stuffing (my mom makes this incredible stuffing with bread cubes), a small serving of mashed potatoes (no butter), cranberry chutney and gravy made with turkey stock/wine.  It was amazing.  Oh, and of course pumpkin pie - crustless pumpkin pie that is.  I don't like crust and alot of fat is stored there so every year Mom makes me one without the crust!

I did have a little bit of turkey at both places.

Overall I definitely feel more full than normal but I don't feel miserable or disappointed in myself.  I had alot of activity today to make up for the extra calories.  That's the way to go, folks.  No regrets, no disappointment, no self-loathing.  I really enjoyed the time with my family and some of my favorite holiday food.

All that said, I hope you were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and didn't have to unbutton your pants.  :)  This day usually starts a free for all for folks lasting into January.  Some people gain anywhere from 1 pounds to 10 during the holiday season.  And studies are showing that the issue with even 1 pound is that it is almost never lost from there...Yikes.  A pound a year would be 20 in 20 years!  That does not sound good to me.  So stay strong, keep up your activity and if you are trying to lose weight, the holidays are as good a time as any to practice will power and self-control.  I definitely feel I've learned a thing or two about both of those things in the last year and it has made my life and the journey that much easier.

Looking forward to finishing 2010 WELL with you as I reflect on all I have to be thankful for this year.  I'm truly blessed!


PS - here is a sneak peek from the amazing photo shoot we had last weekend with Anwen Elizabeth Norman, an incredibly talented photographer.  Check out her blog in a few days as I will be guest blogging there and you'll be able to see more pictures like this one!  :)  Kind of a silly shot but I love how strong my legs look.  :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 23 Checkin

Happy Tuesday! Had another great day.  Spent some time with my Dad having lunch and shopping and some time just reading through my magazines (3 months of one magazine I have a subscription for - I am that far behind!).  

I've got to tell you Beef O'Brady's has moved up on my list of favorite places to eat.  They now offer Whole Wheat tortillas for their wraps!  Pretty amazing.  My Dad and I split a Grilled Chicken Wrap, steamed broccoli and a salad.  The salad could have used more "real" lettuce but overall I was happy and felt great about our food choices.  Also, since we shared, they brought us each our own plate of salad and our own plate with half a wrap and steamed broccoli.  It was awesome.

Another great day of staying within my calories, even with incredible temptations around like M&Ms that everyone else was diving into.  Not worth it to me!  Also had a great exercise day.  All in all, I'm pretty happy.

So here are my stats:

INPUT: (food facts):
Calories: 1517
Carbs: 169
Fat: 58
Protein: 90

OUTPUT (exercise):
634 calories burned with a 3.35 mile run (some walking) and another mile and a half walk later on. :)

This Thanksgiving Week (one in which I plan to lose weight) is off to a fantastic start!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22 Checkin

Happy Monday!  :)

I had a great day ~ spent some time visiting some of my wonderful friends at RTI ~ and here's a special shout out to those that went to lunch, Jenny, Cass, Pete, Tracy and Catisha (extra special to my blog follower(s) in that group).  Had a great time with you all!  And the food was nothing to turn your nose up at, we ate at the Buttery Sweet Bakery & Cafe in Alachua, Florida.  I highly recommend the Angry Asian sandwich and Summer Strawberry Salad.  The sandwich is turkey, bacon, gorgonzola cheese, avocado and chipotle mayo.  I get half the sandwich (which is large enough as is) and half salad which has dark greens, strawberries, cheese, walnuts and lime coconut salad dressing.  Can I say yum?  Seriously.  I love that place.

This evening I tried a new exercise - Zumba!  I've been invited about 50 times to a class but never had the nerve.  Tonight I went with my mom and figured I would never have to see those people again so I didn't mind. I loved how there were no mirrors and shades on the windows.  It was fun - a fast and high impact workout that lasted the solid 60 minutes.  My legs kept up fine, but my arms will be in serious pain tomorrow I am sure.  I was never so out of breath that I had a tough time, probably being a runner helped me there.  It was a good experience.  I enjoyed it and think I may consider adding 1 Zumba workout to my weekly regimen...we'll see.

So another good day, even with eating out:

INPUT: (food facts):
Calories: 1433
Carbs: 188
Fat: 52
Protein: 64

OUTPUT (exercise):
674 calories burned (estimated based on high impact aerobics) in 60 minutes of Zumba.

Excited to start the week well - looking forward to more time off to enjoy and make progress!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Days 20 & 21 Checkin

OK - so we're combining blog posts tonight since this is the first internet connection I've had since we got here.  :)

Travel day was ok, stayed within calorie range and was pretty happy about that.  It was a busy and long day but we made it to our destination. Today was also pretty good, all things considered food wise - it was the day of the annual family reunion and an opportunity to completely gorge ourselves and feel sick.  I did a few things right - first, I picked a kid's sized plate.  Then, I only got what I knew I would like, and not a bunch of it.  I did have dessert too, and I enjoyed it.  And I didn't feel too full! :)

So here are my stats for Saturday:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1467
Carbs: 158
Fat: 65
Protein: 71

OUTPUT (exercise):
None today - unless 6 loads of laundry and packing count?  :)

And my stats for today - still trying to figure out how I did not go over my calories for the day:

INPUT: (food facts):
Calories: 1550
Carbs: 234
Fat: 46
Protein: 65

OUTPUT (exercise):
331 Calories burned - 2 miles in 24 mins.  :)

On to the rest of the week - may try Zumba tomorrow night with mom! Will let you know how that goes (if I get on the internet).

Until next time!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 19 Checkin (late)

ok, ok, so another late post.  Forgive me all those I know who check my blog hourly to see what I'm up to.  LOL.  Just teasing.  Really, yesterday ended a crazy busy week and I think I put in almost 60 hours.  I was exhausted last night and fell asleep when we returned home from the viewing/visitation of one our church members who passed.

We made a poor food decision on the way home and tried a chinese buffet.  I woke up in the middle of the night sick and it was all I could do to not puke!  I just don't eat like that anymore - bleh bleh bleh.  I wish we had gone to Subway - this isn't a time when I go over my calories but I'm happy about it - this is one of those times I go over, it wasn't worth it and it becomes a lesson learned. Subway for me next time!  Especially on a day I didn't get to exercise.

All that said, I will be out of touch a bit over the next week as there is no internet at my in-laws house.  I'll post when I get to my parents house, ok? :)

here are my stats for Friday:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1821
Carbs: 226
Fat: 65
Protein: 86

OUTPUT (exercise):
Another Rest Day - was good for the exhaustion I've faced all week!

Planning on finishing this next week well - including Thanksgiving. Remember to eat the things you really can't live without having but also get up and MOOVE!  I walked a total of 5 miles last Thanksgiving (3 separate walks) and I lost weight that week even with having 2 Thanksgiving meals in one day.

Balance it ya'll!  Can't wait to see how I do.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 Checkin

So, I managed to miss Day 17 - so sorry!  It has been a crazy busy week for me.  I'm about to fall asleep right now sitting here.  Anyway, I did well staying within my calorie ranges, though I did take another "rest day" since I'm so worn out from working.

My weigh-in went so so - I ended up being up .2 pounds - I know some of this is remnant of my eating during my travel last week as well as water retention.  It should be gone soon (in fact it already is).  I'm looking forward to what next week will bring!  Blogging will be challenging as I will be at my in laws house...so hopefully I will find a place I can use my computer or just run to my parents and do it.

Anywho, here are today's stats:

 INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1372
Carbs: 116
Fat: 62
Protein: 87

OUTPUT (exercise):
393 Calories Burned.  Ran 2 miles at a 12mm pace.  Felt great (albeit cold!).  :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16 Checkin

Day 16!  Very busy day at work.  I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning as I didn't record a weight this morning- crazy day!  Looking forward to seeing how week 2 has been to me...and how I've recovered from all the crazy travel and eating! :)

Here are my stats for today - had a hungry day and went a little over but legitimately so:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1671
Carbs: 228
Fat: 53
Protein: 76

OUTPUT (exercise):
395 Calories Burned.  Biggest Loser Cardio Max workout - 22 minutes plus warm up.  Lots of sweat! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15 Checkin

Hey!  It's day 15 of my 60 day challenge to finish 2010 WELL!  I'm 25% of the way through the challenge!  Exciting times.

Looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow.  Last week was a little rocky with the travel, and now my running schedule is a bit threatened by this rain but I'm not letting it get me down!  No way.  I'm excited, energized and ready to get even closer to my final goal.

Here are my stats for the day:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1629
Fat: 59
Protein: 96

OUTPUT (exercise):
Rest Day

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14 Checkin

Hey all!

So tomorrow I start my 3rd week of my 8 week challenge to end the year well - to Finish Well.  I'm excited about what the next 6 weeks will bring, and can guarantee it will have ups and downs with everything I have going on.  Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of one of my busiest weeks of the year, followed by a *hopeful* vacation (if the busiest week of the year doesn't bleed over) back home for Thanksgiving week and a photo shoot with an amazing photographer-friend. 

So let me rant on one subject for a minute - the photo shoot I'm looking so forward to.  Last December we had family pictures done and the lady at Sears did not listen to me.  At all. Instead of taking multiple family shots for us to choose from (we had a coupon and intended on purchasing just one picture in multiples) she took just a few of all 3 of us, then a bunch of my gorgeous daughter and made me feel guilty for only purchasing the intended "family" picture that I didn't even like that much.  I left there in tears.  Later on, I did buy some of the other pics online (I hope she didn't get commission on it) but vowed never again to feel that crappy about myself or let some wanna be photographer make me feel like a fat jerk.  At that point I had lost about 25 pounds and I was hoping it would show.  Well, my double chin did still show and I was heartbroken.  I had taken great pains to pick our outfits and that is how it turned out and she rushed through our family shots to get to the money shots.  Sigh.  There is always this year!  And celebrating being over 70 pounds lighter.  That's kind of awesome.  I had thought maybe I should wait until I reach 100 or closer to my goal, but you know what?  I am not miserable with how I look anymore.  I'm not near where I want to be but I'm the lightest I've weighed in almost a decade.  That is something worth celebrating - and capturing.

That said, here are my stats for the day - interestingly I didn't end up going over my calories even though we had lunch with our church to celebrate an early Thanksgiving at a buffet restaurant.  Yes, buffet, country style.  You fill in the rest.  I'm really glad that my light sushi dinner tonight made up for the cals spent earlier this afternoon.  It's all about balance folks!

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1502
Carbs: 178
Fat: 54
Protein: 80

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 351
2.29 miles in 31:22 mins (alternating intervals of running/walking).

Finishing Week 2 WELL!  How about you?


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13 Checkin

Hey!  Long time no post (lol).  Had a great day spent with my little girl.  We ate lunch at Chik-fil-A (I had the grilled deluxe sandwich on a wheat bun and fruit) and did some light shopping.  It was fun to shop at Cato's today and only find items on the "skinny" side - not one thing I picked up came from the plus sized side.  I like that.  Alot.

So quickly here are my Day 13 stats. 

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1326
Carbs: 160
Fat: 40
Protein: 79

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 654
30 Day Shred - 20 minute circuit with warm up and cool down additional 7 mins.  Walked 2 miles with Elizabeth after that.

Chat at ya tomorrow!  Finish well!


Day 12 Checkin (better late than never!)


So I got in pretty late last night from my trip and didn't have the energy to post.  Here it is....

I had a great week finished by a great trip.  Friday (Day 12) I did go over my calories by alot (like almost 1000).  Am I freaking out about it?  No.  Will I work out extra hard today to make up for it?  Yes.

One thing to note is that I'm 200 calories over my minimum to burn this week - and today's workout will probably make me go over by about 800-1000 over.  So I should still be ok. Haven't been on a scale yet, but will after I exercise in a little bit.  My official weigh in will be Tuesday so don't get any ideas about me posting a weight # early.  LOL!

I'm feeling really good (other than a little ill from eating so much junk yesterday).  Overall, while I know eating like that is how I got unhealthy to begin with, I had more than just travel reasons for it.  My travel buddies will know what I mean but I will certainly not go into it on the blog as it might gross someone out!  hehe. 

Anyway, I am excited, refreshed, renewed from a great work trip and ready to conquer yet another week of this challenge.  I will finish well, and it will include good days, bad days and maybe an ugly day every now and then.  :D

Here are my scary stats (lol):

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 2476
Carbs: 316
Fat: 102
Protein: 74

OUTPUT (exercise):
Rest Day #2 for the week (lots of hours in a car). :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 Checkin

Hey Ya'll!  Think I forgot about ya?  Never!

I'm excited to report that I had another great day, travel and all!  I started off running a 5k this morning on the treadmill in the gym.  Burned a bunch of calories then had a nice late breakfast at IHOP.  So, I've been craving those pumpkin pancakes they have been advertising and here is what I did - I ordered the Simply Smart healthy omelet of egg white, spinach, tomato and mushroom with swiss cheese and fruit.  On the side I ordered 1 pumpkin pancake.  Of course, they didn't want to give me just one.  So I got two and ate just one.  :)  So there IHOP.  Anyway - it was so worth it!

We got to our meeting a little while later and they served an early lunch - I made a sandwich and wrapped it up for later on - sure enough around 2:15 I was hungry again so I ate my sandwich stealthily during the meeting.  No one saw me.

I am a ninja. Did you know that?

Anyway - we went to Benihana for dinner and it was an experience!  The food was great and there was SOOO much of it.  I hated wasting what I couldn't eat but what I did eat was delish!  I even tried two new kinds of sushi - one with eel and one with raw salmon.  They were both really good, especially the eel.  What an adventure!

I'm excited that I have stuck close to my calorie range all things considered.  That's a great feeling.

So here are my stats for Thursday!

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1697
Carbs: 144
Fat: 69
Protein: 130

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 551
Running, 3.1 miles, Walking, .25 miles
40 minutes total

Finishing the week and the trip WELL!  Hope you are too.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10 Checkin

Crazy travel day!  But overall went well.  Kept my snacks and food decisions in check.  Pretty pleased with that - the scale showed another few pounds down this morning which was a little crazy, but I'm planning on getting up early and hitting the gym here at the hotel so maybe not so crazy! :)  I'm on it!

Here are my Stats:
INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1358
Carbs: 110
Fat: 55
Protein: 109

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 450
Biggest Loser Cardio Max Levels 1 and 2
40 minutes total

Finish Well!!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 Checkin

OK - drum roll please...first weigh in and....

New official weight 212.2!  That means I'm down 72.8 pounds total.  It was a really good week overall.  I exercised hard, I ate well, and that helped me lose almost 3 pounds.  It was also my "week to lose" according to my cycle so that is part of why I lost that much - my normal aim will be 2 pounds/week at the most for this challenge ending on 12/31.  In fact, I only have 13.2 pounds left to lose by that date which is so exciting!  Woohoo!

Needless to say I'm feeling pretty good about it all.  Tomorrow I will be leaving for a work trip to Orlando through Friday.  I'll still be checking in each night, and will be faced with all kinds of "foreign" food challenges so say a little prayer for me!  I am confident I will do just fine - I lost plenty of weight while traveling regularly!

Here are my stats for today:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1414
Carbs: 181
Fat: 53
Protein: 64

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 467
Running: 2.41 miles, walked .53 miles
39 minutes total

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8 Checkin

Day 8 of 60!  Feeling good today.  Pretty tired, but that is from going to bed later than normal last night.  Heading to bed in just a few so I can get up early and layer it up for my run in the morning.

Here are my stats for the day:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1618
Carbs: 215
Fat: 61
Protein: 68

OUTPUT (exercise):
Rest Day

Tomorrow is weigh in day!  Will be interesting to see how my first week has fared...

~Finish well!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7 Checkin

Wow, its Day 7 of 60 already!  Time is just a-flying by.  I have had a FANTASTIC day - my eating on target, my exercise on point, great morning at church (the preacher is totally hot but don't worry, I married him), just an overall awesome day.

But the one thing that pushed my GREAT day over the edge into "insanely great" was a certain phone call I got this afternoon.  My Mom and Dad called just to say hey and check in.  We had just talked a few days ago so at first of course I was concerned something had happened.  Once I could tell it was a "just because" call I relaxed.  Let me back up for a moment and explain that my parents have been incredibly supportive of me and my journey.  They have celebrated my successes and encouraged me in the low times.  We just had a visit a few weeks ago and they cheered me on in my 4th 5k race - that day Mom called me an athlete.  That was pretty cool.  But today was different. 

Out of nowhere Mom thanked me for being an inspiration to her and Dad and told me that I had "lit a fire under my Dad's tater (my word for butt in case you don't know)."  Pretty sure Dad put it otherwise (lol) but I'll stick with tater.  They have spent the last few days taking walks and eating healthier.  They are breaking their walks up into twice a day, short distances which is so smart. 

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me and I was moved almost to tears while we were talking.

The reason I blog is to inspire others - and hold myself accountable.  I get tons of inspiration from my own brain downloads here even.  But I get MOST inspired when I know I have helped someone else or been a positive healthy influence.  Because for many years, I was a bad influence. I was the friend you called when you wanted to pig out or supersize your combo with no judgment.  Today I'm not the "judgy" friend but I'm also not the one you call to wallow in pity and cheeseburgers.  I'm the one you call to go for a run, give you encouragement about the funk you might be in and share recipes with.  I love the new friend that I am.

So does this blog inspire you?  I'd love to hear from you if it does.  Is there anything else you would like me to talk about or focus on that might help you in your journey?  I want to be a part of something bigger than myself (in the literal and figurative sense) so tell me how I might help you.  Do we want a weekly healthy recipe?  More "in your head" stuff about how to love yourself enough to strive for better health?  Tell me, I'm listening and will consider all suggestions.

While you're thinking that over, here are my stats for the day:

Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1460
Carbs: 186
Fat: 38
Protein: 89

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 606
Running: 1.87 miles, walked 1.93 miles (.73 in between runs in the morning, then a 1.2 mile walk in the evening with the family)
52 minutes total

OH - and before I forget, I will be weighing in on Day 9 - my Biggest Loser weigh in on Spark People is on Tuesdays and I want to stay on that track for the month - I hate recording my weight more than once a week it is confusing!  SO you will have to wait 2 more days for the "big" first weigh in but rest assured, my friends, it's gonna be great!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6 Checkin

Day 6!  How exciting!  Been a crazy busy day, but am happy to say that even driving around and being at a birthday party didn't completely derail me. :) 

Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1632
Carbs: 175
Fat: 69
Protein: 93

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 591
Running: 2.68 miles, walked 1.09 miles
51 minutes total.

See you on Day 7 Checkin - and official first Weigh In of the 60 day challenge!!! 


Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5 Checkin

Hey!  Happy Friday everyone!  And Happy Day 5! 

This morning I got on the scale and it said 212.8.  Pretty awesome since I started the week at 215.  Not sure how I will end the week exactly as we just went out for Chinese but one big positive is that when I eat unhealthy food it doesn't stay with me long...LOL.  Gross, sorry.  But true.  My body is just not into food like this anymore.  I have a tummyache!

All that said I did have a great workout this morning and all day I was hungry.  I kept eating snacks, healthy ones, and kept getting hungry.  So choosing any day to go way over my calories, today was a good day to do that, hunger wise.

Looking forward to a chilly run in the morning! 

Here are my stats (don't laugh - or worry, it will be fine lol!)

Calories: 2169 (ouch!)
Carbs: 245
Fat: 102 (ouch again!)
Protein: 79

Calories Burned: 450
Biggest Loser Cardio Max Video w/weights
30 mins

Here's to a great weekend!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 Checkin

Day 4!  Exciting, isn't it?  I'm REALLY tired tonight so just a short post to say a few things.

1) I'm really tired - ok, I already said that, but really, I'm wiped out.  Been a busy busy week.
2) I didn't work out today - I intended to walk with a friend tonight but that fell through.  I'm just too worn out to get up and do one of my videos...so another impromptu rest day.  Since I'm going to bed in about 10 mins, I plan to get up at 4:45am and do a LONG and tough workout.  Then I'll run 3 miles Saturday morning. 
3) An extra rest day this week ain't gonna kill me! I'm still jazzed about my weigh in Sunday. 

Here are my stats for today:

Calories: 1572
Carbs: 210
Fat: 60
Protein: 86

Rest Day

I WILL FINISH WELL!  Goodnight all.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 Checkin

Another day down on this 60 day challenge.  I decided to drop the weeks and just go according to the number of days total in the time frame. 

I'm feeling great here on Day 3.  Got myself out of bed this morning and created some serious sweat doing one of my Biggest Loser videos, a short but great workout.  It felt great and I had a great day.  It will be raining in the morning, so I will be forgoing my run for another indoor workout.  Not sure which one yet but whatever it is, I'll be keeping it kicked into high gear! 

Yep, I know its only day 3 but I'm still excited and guess what?  I'll be staying excited.  Because its that kind of feeling, which I make the conscious decision to have, that keeps me motivated to push on toward my goal.  Am I going to have 57 more great days? I am sure not.  But I plan to have at least 50 great days and so I'll be ok with 10 so-so days.  All in all, I'm choosing to look at the positive and how much potential this next two months holds.  A ton of my success here is going to depend on my outlook.  Can you effect yours?

So here are my stats for Day 3:

Calories: 1562 (yes, that is 12 calories over...calm down)
Carbs: 202
Fat: 54
Protein: 70

Calories Burnt: 385
Biggest Loser Cardio Max Video - 22 minutes

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2, Week 1 Checkin

Dude, I have got it going on like donkey kong...I have no idea why but I have this solid resolve...and I really hope it sticks with me.  Not a "I'm not eating any fat grams which makes me a miserable human being that no one wants to be around" kind of resolve...more like a "I'm in high gear and determined to do this, and DOING this" kind of resolve.  I feel energetic, determined and ready to burn some fat over the next 8 weeks...and it won't stop there, that is just the beginning of a new cycle of success for me.  On my Facebook page I've been tracking the word "SUCCESSFUL" going backwards, giving myself one letter for every 10 pounds I lose.  So far it says CESSFUL.  Hopefully at the end of this it will say at least CCESSFUL if not getting the U too!  I feel that determined!

I'm below my max calories for the day - within where I should be but below the max, which is strange for a running day...what's interesting is I'm not sure if I really need a snack or not.  So I may forgo it...we'll see.  

Here's my Input/Output for Day 2:

Calories: 1364
Carbs: 172
Fat: 55
Protein: 55

Calories Burnt: 448
Mileage: 2.19 running @ 11:57/mile pace
warm up/cool down 10 mins @ 17/mile pace

Looking forward to a successful Day 3!  Thanks, my blog, for the accountability...


Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1, Week 1 Checkin

Here we go!  It's my Day 1, Week 1 Check in.  I have to say I was super jazzed last night about this whole thing; its like I inspired myself with my own blog - what a nerd!  :)

Anyway, I'm super stoked about this and kicking this week off especially as it is one I usually lose during.

Here's my Input/Output for Day 1:

Calories: 1535
Carbs: 197
Fat: 58
Protein: 59

Rest Day!

Looking forward to another 400+ calorie burn in the morning with my run.  Here's to finishing Day 1 well!