Monday, January 17, 2011

What Motivates Me? And other related questions...

So I had a very active weekend!  Friday I did a good power sculpt (biggest loser) workout, and then Friday afternoon took a 2 mile walk with my little girl and puppy.  Then Saturday morning had an incredible run, just over 3 miles and it felt AWESOME.  First time I have hit that distance since I got sick in December!  Sunday morning I woke up and did a Last Chance Workout (holy tater-eye it was tough) and then in the afternoon took another 2 mile walk with my family.  Then tonight, Zumba, and man it beat me up - in a good way.  So, I'm officially on a crazy workout roll and it feels GREAT.  Pumped for a great run in the morning.  I usually try to do speedwork the morning after Zumba since my legs are sore.  Unless I feel fantastic during my first 10 mins...then I might keep going!

Someone said to me today, "I wish I was as motivated as you."  You know, I don't think I'm all that motivated.  Am I?  Well, ok, maybe I am.  But what is it that is keeping me going?  Why have I figured it out and other people can't get there?  I have the answers to the first question right off.

What motivates me?

1) My health.  I have completely changed my physical blueprint.  When I started this journey, my "real age" was 42 (I was 29).  Now my "real age" is 29 (I'm 31) based on my eating, exercise habits and current bloodwork.  I feel like a healthy person.  Feeling this good motivates me.

2) My family.  I am a better wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker, you name it, since I've changed my habits.  My family motivates me by cheering me on. My 7 year old gets excited when I lose weight.  {side note, I'm being careful about not letting her start weighing daily or get too interested in losing weight - those issues start early! We focus on being healthy and "just right."}. 

3) YOU.  That's right, I said it.  If you are reading this blog, you motivate me.  Whether you realize it or not.  Since I'm still *on* the journey, I need to know that others are learning from my challenges and triumphs.  For every email, facebook message, or phone call I get where someone is telling me they added vegetables to their tacos, started running or set some SMART goals, I have confirmation that sharing my journey is worth it.  This is quite possibly the biggest motivator for me.

So that is why I'm so motivated, the quick version.  It's not because the scale moves as quickly as I would like.  No way.  If the scale was my only motivation I would never have made it this far.  The scale is a result of the lifestyle changes.  And sometimes (like right now darnit) it decides not to move.  For awhile.

And these are the times you have to stay focused and motivated.  It would be so easy to turn back, even now.  I will always have an addiction to food.  There will always be certain foods that can undo a great week (like chocolate chip cookies, not the crunchy kind, the fresh baked kind).  But I like so many more healthy foods now than I ever did that I could also say it would be equally as hard to turn back completely.

So the other question was "why have I figured it out and others can't get there?"

The answer is one word.  Decision.

Making the decision to change your lifestyle is all that stands between you and where I am.  Deciding is the hardest part.  But once you are fed up with feeling bad, nothing in your closet fitting, your feet getting too fat for your shoes, not being able to buckle your airplane seatbelt, sweating just by standing can get to that point of decision.

And once you are there, turning back is not an option.

A few times, sure, I've been frustrated.  Tired of "watching" what I eat.  Its those times that I back off of being diety, up my activity and let the pounds come off on their own.  Then I tighten back up and start keeping track of everything again until I am losing regularly.  That is what works for me.

But it all started with a decision.

So are you there yet?  Have you decided?  If you aren't sure, read back a few posts.  And let me know if I can help you get there.

In the meantime, I'm going to bed.  Sleep is vital if I'm going to rock a good run in the morning.


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