Friday, February 18, 2011

Tank top weather!

Are you ready for tank top weather?  Before this moment I would say no, never.

Ooh - that rhymed...

Anyway, it was a beautiful day outside today.  It is jeans day on Fridays at work, so I wore denim capri pants, a glittery aqua tank top and a gray sweater.  When I left work I was too warm as it was 75 degrees outside.  It felt great out!  I actually had a moment where I wondered...would I need to take off my sweater, and if so, am I ok with that?

I was explaining to a few friends at work today about strange fat deposits.  When you lose a considerable amount of weight, it isn't just like it completely implodes and shrinks.  I am fortunate not to have a ton of excess skin, likely due to my exercising and the slow rate of my weight loss.  But I do have these weird little fat deposits.  Like my arms.  Not in that normal, bra-pinching spot, but just above my bicep is this weird little fat deposit that appears to be clinging on for dear life.  It looks really funny.  I've seen these around my legs too during this journey, but the arm ones are annoying.  As my arms will see the light of day long before my upper thighs do.  LOL.

Anyway, while I'm a little self-conscious about the weird fat deposits (and no I will not post a picture - haha) I realized today I would probably be OK with walking around in a tank top.  I exercise in racerback tanks all the time.  In public.  I am not perfectly fit, and I still have those weird little clingy fat things here and there, but you know what?  I look way better than I did last spring.  And amazingly better than I did the spring before that.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, make a decision to honestly let go of whatever is clinging and holding you back.  If it looks foreign to the rest of you, let it go.  :)  Wear that tank top.  Go down that size in pants finally.  Realize that sometimes clothes that are tighter (not gross, but fit I mean) look waaaay better than wearing your oversized baggy clothes.  That's why I get rid of my clothes as soon as they become too big.  Because I'm never going to fit into them again!

My little fat deposits aren't going anywhere for the moment, but the more I keep working out, the more they will shrink and disappear.  For now, they are a reminder of how far I've come...and how cool it is that my body is shifting to having more muscle than fat.  I like that shift, and I'll take the awkward in between phase as a racing stripe, thank you very much.

And tomorrow, I think I'll bust out a tank top.  What about you?


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Jennifer said...

I have to buy new summer running gear soon....I wonder how brave I will get? No short-shorts or anything, but I was never brave enough for the tank top last year. And I decided when I pack away our winter clothes, most every bit of mine will go to Goodwill. No use putting it in a tub when I know it's already too big now!

I have slowly lost my weight, yet I have excess skin to deal with. I keep hoping it will just magically go away...but so far the loose skin is here! I am trying to tone more, that is one thing I read to help "fill in" the loose skin with new muscles. This may help my arms, but not my stomach LOL!