Saturday, January 21, 2012

Working it Out

I think everyone's workout schedule needs to be challenged every now and then.  This past week I pushed myself to the limit, and was really surprised with what my body was physically capable of doing.

You've heard me say that 90% of running is mental.  Physically, we can do more than we *think* we can.  But unless we believe it, we aren't likely to try it.

Last week I blogged about the new studio I was using for Zumba. {Courtney's Studio}  I have really enjoyed the intensity of the classes I've attended.  This past Monday I did Zumba after work, and I had already run a few miles that morning.  I ran intervals with my friend Tuesday morning, and then Wednesday packed my clothes to do Zumba Toning.  It is just like Zumba but you hold weights the entire time.  Towards the end of the class I felt a burst of energy, which I thought was weird.  After class I was chatting with Courtney and realized there was another class starting in a few minutes.  Boot Camp.

No one officially dared me to do it.  I mean, I just completed an hour of Zumba with weights, using the heavier sticks.

But I wondered, can I hang?  Can I do it?

I decided to give it a try.  After getting my class card punched I noticed the board that had instructions for what we would be doing that night.  We headed outside and I gulped.  Wow.  I really don't think I can do this.  Am I crazy?

Here is what a round looked like:

A 1/4 mile run around the building, then 15 jumps up and down from a 2 ft concrete landing.  Next, we were to caterpillar crawl (pushup position on a curb, then walking down the curb, about 40 feet, two times).  Next, 40 tricep dips, 80 kicks (same position as the tricep dip but on the ground - I can only kick one leg at a time and not fast), then 15 x squat jacks.

That was round 1.  We did 4 rounds.

After round 1, I really wasn't sure I could physically continue.  But I did.  At that point, muscles were spent, but it was mind over matter.  And I was going to finish.

After the fourth round, we had more to do inside - AH!  We did these crazy dive bomber pushups, where you have your butt in the air, then you go down into pushup position but pull up, almost like a sun salutation in yoga, and hover for 10 seconds.  My arms were SCREAMING.  I literally felt my arm bones shaking.  After a round of those, we ran across the room and did 30 jumping jacks, then ran back and did more pushups, 100 crunches, ran again, jumping jacks again, ran back, more pushups.  I mean, literally I wanted to lay out on the floor.

We ended with a Zumba song - some guys attend the boot camp and were cracking on Zumba - so Courtney showed them it wasn't easy...and we got props then for doing both classes in a row.

That was one of the hardest 2 hours of my LIFE!  But I felt so accomplished afterward.  Really there should be an "I survived boot camp" t-shirt.  I would so buy one.  Sweat wicking material of course...

I ran Thursday morning as much as my sore quads would let me. I took yesterday off of exercise.

This morning I did Tae Bo for 45 mins, burning around 400 calories.  I needed more of a burn and wondered, hmmm, could I run after that?  I headed outside with my puppy and gear and decided, "I'm going to run 5k today."  Mind you, I've only hit 5k once since before Christmas!  I wanted to stop a few times, but I kept going.  I ran that 5k.  Slower than my personal record, but I did it!

I believed I could do it.  And I did.  SO much of this journey, the eating well, the exercise, everything, is successful based MOSTLY on how willing you are to believe you can do it.

So I've decided I will have 3 days/week that I "double down" on my workouts.  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Here's what my new schedule will look like along with expected calorie burn (based on estimating what my Body Bugg would read):

Sunday: Run 3-4 miles. (600 calories)
Monday: Run 2 miles in the morning, and do an hour of Zumba at night. (350 run, 500 Zumba)
Tuesday: Run intervals (speedwork). (350-400)
Wednesday: Zumba Toning and Boot Camp. (600 Zumba and 500 Boot Camp)
Thursday: Run 2-3 miles, or whatever my legs will allow after boot camp. :) (400)
Friday:  OFF - rest day.
Saturday: 45 minute video workout followed by 3-4 mile run. (400 video, 600 run)

I'll increase my distances on the long runs by a 1/2 mile/week so I can work back up to 10k distance again.  This plan should burn me around 4,000+ calories a week (in addition to my basic metabolic rate).  Hoping this shows some RESULTS.  Realizing this won't be easy to stick to, but I am excited to give it a try.

Will let you know how it goes this next week!  What are you doing to get your activity on schedule?  I do much better staying on track with a plan.  What's your plan?


PS - I never think "pushing through pain" when its real, I'm hurting myself pain, is a good thing.  Muscle soreness and pain is one thing, but you can tell the difference.  Don't be afraid to push yourself, but be smart too!


JoannaBanana said...

I saw Courtney post this link. I looked at your before picture and see myself. I am nearly in tears right now. You are such an inspiration to me. How did you get started? Did you read anything to educate you on eating right? I will follow your blog and take my lead from your example.
Thanks for being such an inspiration and a blessing to others! God bless! You rock! :)

Joanna Hatcher

ClaraB said...

Hey Joanna! I'm so glad to meet you. I really just started small. Look at my blog and go all the way to the beginning and you will see me where you are now! I blogged the whole back story; how I got to where I am, and all the bumps in the road. I started small, making small changes, one at a time, until I had made enough change to have a different lifestyle vs. doing a "diet" temporarily. I have blogs about nutrition, etc. It is completely doable as soon as you decide its going to be a forever thing. You can do this! Let me know how I can support you.