Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy STATurday!


Here to post my weekly weigh in results - super quick update as we're in a rush to go out to dinner then grocery shop.  Exciting times in my house. :)

So here are the stats for the week:

Weight lost: -1.8 lbs
Inches lost:
-1 inch: waist
-1 inch: thigh

Woohoo! Was hoping for more weight lost but have surprisingly actually had a cycle this month (haven't had them regularly for years) and I'm still a little bloated.  That said, my nutrition has been on point, I have nailed every workout and even snuck in an additional 3 mile walk the other night.

I now weigh 181.4.  I have not weighed less than 182 this entire journey.  And honestly it was probably right after I got married, 13 years ago, that I weighed in the 180s at all.  I'm super close to another milestone - 179!  I have not seen the 170s since high school!  Total lost so far? 103.6 pounds. 

And I'm getting so close to those 170s!  If I have another awesome week, I may hit that next weekend!  That's the goal for this week.  To stay focused and kick that goal in the tater this week!

Friends, this whole thing is all about consistency.  When I consistently follow my nutritional guidelines, I yield good results.  I keep learning and tweaking what works for my metabolism.


 Now you know I don't believe in tracking my food regularly.  The BEST thing about the way I eat today is I don't count one calorie, point, fat gram, carb, etc.  I eat in balance and until I'm full and again if I get hungry.  EASY!  Well, the other day I tracked my food for curiosity's sake.

In a normal day one day this week, I consumed:

1800 calories
86g carbs
103g fat
111g protein

WOW!  If I ever hit 100g of fat "way back when" I was scared of fat, I would have probably died. But keep in mind it's all good, healthy fat I am eating.  And in the meantime, I am LOSING FAT.

The Standard American Diet is "SAD" for a reason.  It touts low fat, and makes grains and dairy seem like a necessity.  And what has happened is we have so desperately recreated treats and junk food into "healthy" treats and junk food and Americans got fatter.


Anyway, that vent brought to you by MY RESULTS.

By the way, my daughter is now taking dance and this morning challenged me to do a backbend.  She was SO SHOCKED that I could! (honestly, so was I!).  She took this picture:

Want to see my food recap?  Go to my Facebook page and like it.  I've got it all posted, each day with descriptions!  Out of time for today.

Keep on keeping on!!!



Sarah Reed said...

WHOOOHOOO!!! :) Awesome! My thought on slow progress is that I've got time, right? Like, the rest of my life? So yup, it's okay if it takes awhile. It took awhile to put on, it will take awhile to come off! Go get'em girl!

ClaraB said...

true statements! Thanks for the support. :)