Sunday, January 10, 2016

It ALL Starts With Food...

Just a quick update for the inquiring minds of my followers! If you follow my Facebook page, then you know I embarked on a brave adventure as of 1/4/16.  A pregnant whole 30.  {insert scary music}

Here's where I was at...I had gotten on the scale on 12/31 for my 24 week prenatal appointment, and I'll tell you, it was NOT pretty.  It has been a rough few months.  I've had a major raw meat aversion, and have relied on my husband to cook meat, but then haven't craved the first healthy thing.  It was all fried chicken sandwiches (chick fil a being my fave), pizza, and nachos (homemade at least).  That is all I literally wanted.  All.the.time. So of course I gained weight. But that was only a slight piece of what scared me into making a change.  I've had terrible heartburn turned acid reflux during the month of December that only got worse as the month wore on.  It seemed especially aggravated by chocolate (ahem) and other past-life foods but honestly at that point, everything was bothering my stomach and I felt like there was fire in my throat.  Zantac is allegedly safe to take during pregnancy, as is Tums, but I have tried really hard to avoid avoidable drugs this pregnancy.  When discussing with my midwife, I asked her if I could first try to control it with diet.  She said absolutely, but if that doesn't work go for the Zantac.

Now, alot of things that happen to your body when you're pregnant aren't of your own doing.  Many women develop gestational diabetes, and this isn't just women like me who gain too much...some women develop preeclampsia, etc. etc.  There isn't always a way to control these things.

So today is day 7 of my 2nd attempt at a pregnant whole 30 (if you recall, I tried one between weeks 5 and 8 and on day 18 had to cave as the nausea became debilitating).

I have to share what I've experienced this week:

First - fire in my throat heartburn - GONE. I've had a few gurgles here and there, but not daily and honestly not even noticeable. Gone.  Just like that.  This change was almost immediate.  Day 1 I felt AWFUL.  And by day two, it was all, Bye Felicia!

Second - I'm sleeping better.  For someone who is pregnant, this (among other things - haha) is HUGE.  I still get up to roll to the other side and of course then have to pee multiple times per night, but the sleep I am getting is sounder and better.  This came toward the end of the week.

Third - My skin is clear and glowing.  I mean clear.  I mean no makeup needed clear, but I wear a tinted moisturizer since my skin needs moisture still.  I am so thankful for this.  Nothing like being hugely pregnant and having zits!

Fourth - Probably the least important, but still good, I've dropped a few pounds.  Now, typically one doesn't weigh during a whole 30.  But I'm doing that and tracking my food every few days to be sure I'm eating ENOUGH and not losing too much too fast.  I would be fine to drop 10 pounds this month, baby is totally getting what he needs with my 2000 calories a day of whole, real foods.  But I didn't want to drop too quickly.

Fifth - I'm fueling my baby boy properly!  He is kicking up a storm and giving his approval of the new diet.  He moved alot before, but I know in my heart this is way better for him than Dairy Queen and Pizza.  (I told you it was bad!)

Sixth - I managed to get a walk in a few times this week! Woot woot! That's MAJOR.  I didn't particularly feel like it - but am really glad I did.  And am hoping to be more physically active in this home stretch I'm in.

I'm hoping in a few weeks, I can report a seventh victory, that I passed my glucose's on 1/28.  I'm a little scared...but knowing how I'm eating now and how much it's helping me feel better, I know if I do have gestational diabetes, it isn't my fault.  I'm doing best for my baby.  I didn't have GD with Elizabeth, but I will tell you, I'm already at a weight that is VERY scary for me and know that I need to get that under control, if nothing else.

The good part?  Even if I continue to gain, I know it's from healthy nutrition.  And I also know how to lose it.

But in the meantime, I need to FEEL BETTER.  And THAT, my friends, ALL starts with food.

Talk soon,

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