Sunday, September 3, 2017

Food & Mood...Wanna Bet?

Hey hey!  Hope everyone has had a good week.  My week was insane but very positive, overall.

Here's a recap:

Met with my new doctor on Tuesday and went through the medical history (was a really long appointment - ha!) and we agreed on blood work and scheduled me to come back and get it done on Friday (when fasting).

During the appointment he pointed out my BMI and that it wasn't good.  He actually said "I'm not trying to hurt your feelings."  I laughed and said, "No worries, that's why I am here."

At one point he offered surgery but I declined and told him I also wouldn't be taking any medication if I could help it.  Thankfully my blood pressure is somehow amazing (116/73) even at this weight.  I explained that I had lost 100 pounds before and kept it off for years, then the two pregnancies back to back, depression and a long time of not taking care of myself landed me here.  Again.

So, yeah, I'm not going to take a pill or have surgery.

I'm going to look over these blood work results with him this coming Friday and continue moving forward in this process of saving my own life (again).

I'm going to do what I KNOW to do.

THANK YOU to the many who reached out to me by either calling, texting, or sending me a message on Facebook.  I enjoyed catching up and covet your encouragement - and want to give it in return, as well.  It was a joy to get such a response to being so brutally honest with you all.

The week consisted of alot of travel and time in the car. I did really well with food.  Not stellar paleo but solidly primal with a few small questionable things here and there.

Overall, a few BIG wins this week:

  • No French fries or burgers or milkshakes from drive through windows
  • No dessert of any kind while I was traveling
  • No diet cokes!
  • I took the stairs almost every time in the hotel vs. using the elevator.
  • I walked MILES through our hospitals touring them
  • I made GOOD choices MOST of the time.
  • You may have seen I enjoyed an ice cold kombucha and raspberries on my drive home Friday.  I really really wanted a "treat" and this was the treat I chose!
It wasn't my BEST week in my history of amazing travel weeks, by any stretch.  But that would be comparing to another time in my life.  

For me, right now, with my NEW job, upcoming move, weekly travel and overall crazy schedule... 


And I feel incredibly satisfied with my progress. I managed to lose 4.4 pounds this week. 

Two other things I have to tell you - first, I committed to an official DietBet for the first time.  If you've not heard of it, it's basically a game where you pledge a certain amount of money (in this case $35) and in the four weeks of its duration you have to lose 4% of your body weight in order to earn your $35 back.  This, for me, comes out to about 11 pounds.  I'm already 4.4 pounds on my way, or 39% done.  This DietBet is sponsored by Courtney Crozier Respess, former BL contestant.  She's a super positive person and I've followed her for years.  

This is about as gimmicky as I'll get with weight loss - and it's not even really gimmicky. It's just a challenge to myself to earn my money back.  I did one with my church group online and totally wasn't ready.  I'll probably do another one with them as well simultaneously.  Because what's more motivating then getting your investment back? Ha.  Being healthy, obviously.  

It just seemed like something fun to try.  It definitely has made me think twice when ordering while traveling this week! Will keep you all updated.  Week 1 done!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about was how Food & Mood are connected for me. I've heard my hubby and daughter say before that I'm in a better mood when I eat better.  Yesterday, L expanded on that for me while we were driving.  We had a moment where we had finished shopping and were both super hungry.  I had salmon at home and had already decided I wanted that with green beans for dinner. But here we were, needing to stop at the grocery store still, starving and it was 7pm, AND then still had a half hour drive home then had to cook.  We talked through a few options but I told her I just wasn't strong enough at this point to go to an unplanned dinner out.  I would likely make bad choices.  Plus, we didn't need to spend the extra money when we had a ton of food at home. 

She agreed and told me in the car that I'm nicer when I am eating well.  She said, well while you're eating good food you're pretty much always in a good mood.  When you eat something "bad" you tend to be in a good mood right then, but soon you're feeling guilty or sick and then you're grumpy.


I didn't realize how much food was controlling my moods.  Makes sense, though.  

So we jetted home and I made amazing salmon and green beans for dinner with toasted almonds.  It was SO GOOD.  And this morning woke up lighter and without a tummy ache.

Now I'm off to make some potato soup with chicken (and bacon and broccoli - in coconut milk) and will be having some company later.  I'm excited to catch up with my friends and focused more on that than the food.

This week I'm going to bring my sneakers with me and try to walk at the hotel if I can.  I should be able to make time as I'm checking into one hotel and staying for the rest of the week.  That plus water and continuing to make the best choices I can are on the docket.  I mean, I gotta win that money back! 

Have a healthy week!


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