Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot Run in the Summertime!

Hey today I had quite the hot run.  I didn't get up early - we went to bed too late (that is changing tonight, going to a 9pm bedtime starting tonight).  Because of that I didn't get out for my run - so at lunchtime I decided to pay a penalty to myself for that.  I did 30 minutes of taebo then went out and ran a mile.  I had to stop a few times - my pace is quicker now but my endurance not quite there yet.  It was almost 100 degrees without the heat index...but since I was already sweating it wasn't that bad - almost like I was really really warmed up. Note to self for my next mid-day punishment.  :)

I had my follow up appointment with my doctor last week.  The one year mark.  So in one year the following has changed:

1) My cholesterol is in the normal range (good as good as it should be, bad in the lower or normal range).
2) My resting heart rate was 127 last year.  This week it was 61.
3) My fasting glucose (sugar) was 113 last year.  This week it was 83.

I'm also down another pound, to a total of 61 pounds!

My doctor was very pleased with my progress.  She said if I keep it up she may enlist me to talk to her other patients about eating healthy and changing their lifestyles. I told her absolutely!  This isn't the kind of thing someone *should* keep to themselves.  Like figuring out the secret of youth and keeping it to yourself.  Why would someone do that?  That is why this blog exists. I've had people tell me things in the past that have helped me change everything...and thus I shall do the same to whomever will listen - whomever needs it!

Another recent fun experience - I was asked to sing in a wedding this weekend and the colors are black and white.  So, I decided I could wear a black dress I had in my closet.  I tried it on afraid it might still be too small...and alas...wait for was too big!  I couldn't believe it.  I was excited to go out and spend the money on a new dress in the next size down.  While it is a pain to keep buying clothes, at least I shop well like Ross and Cato's clearance and Kohl's, etc.  Being a cheap shopper is helping as I shrink.

So that is all I have for now - going to practice piano a few minutes then go to bed early - getting myself on a schedule here, so when I start my new job next week I can be ready to keep up with every craziness that is my life!!! 

Live well!

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