Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride...

ahhh!  Haven't posted in a long time.  Sorry.  I know you've been checking back like every day to find a post... :D

ok, so we had an AMAZING vacation at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  BEAUTIFUL place and we truly enjoyed ourselves.  We ate alot too.  Two interesting things I learned. 

1) not getting hungry is sort of disappointing.  I look forward to hunger as it reminds me to eat and when I'm hungry I *get* to eat!  And I like eating.  I rarely felt hungry on the trip - a sign I was eating more than I needed to!

2) my stomach does NOT like to eat like that anymore.  I was sick for an entire morning after I had an ice cream from cold stone.  that used to be nothing!  my body is accustomed now to eating healthy most of the time! (dark chocolate daily included!)

Overall I still made pretty good choices, and I was proud of that.  I had more sweet treats than normal.  I came home, cringing and avoiding the scale, climbed on and found that....drum roll here...wait for it...I was back up to 230.2, up 3 pounds from where I was just before leaving for vacation.  I was bummed but vowed to get it off.

So I ran the next day.

And ate really well - LOTS of veggies.

And two days later I was back down to 227.  Nice, huh?  I think my body *prefers* to lose weight now.  No more of this gaining and holding junk.

And this morning I was down to 225.  This isn't my big week to lose so not sure why, but I'll take it! Doing another "biggest loser" challenge on SparkPeople - I will weigh in Saturday.  Its really motivating having these challenges and a team to cheer you on for the month.  Makes me want to do better! And I have been.

Running update - I'm now working on the "One Hour Runner" program - gradually working my way up to running for an hour.  Its definitely helping me improve my mile time too so that is a bonus!  I have to run in the mornings now though - it is getting brutal out there in the afternoons!!!

So total I am down 60 pounds in 11 months.  I feel pretty good about that.  Tonight we had friends over for dinner - and my friend is pretty tall and thin.  She was so excited to see I had lost weight and asked me, what do you weigh now, like 140?  I almost tackled her and hugged her.  Are you kidding?  I weigh 225!  She almost died.  She couldn't believe that right now I weigh more than 100 pounds more than her!  I believed it but, hey, I'm the one tugging on the size 18 pants thank you very much.

It just feels good to see these goals passing along like I am in some kind of weight loss groove now.  Ain't nothing gonna break my stride!

And so it goes...and there I go!  I am happy to say the least.  Hope you are feeling happy and motivated today too!


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Heather said...

Awww. I am SO happy for you, girl! Sounds like you're accomplishing goals! That reminds me of my accomplishments dealing with planning this wedding. Woo! :)

<3, Heather