Thursday, August 12, 2010

Running it OFF!

It's been a good week.  My first week at my new job (which I love already!).  My first week with the new running/working/eating schedule.  I can already tell this is going to work out really well.  I only "whiffed" on dinner tonight, forgot to cook the chicken breast in the crock pot overnight to throw the tortilla soup together this morning.  Thankfully, all of the leaving my family I did back at my old job had me in the habit of putting leftovers in the freezer - we had an entire chicken and rice casserole I reheated tonight.  It tasted great! 

The early morning runs are getting harder but going well.  I'm trying to really reduce my 5k time - given my size and weight, that is quite the feat.  If you are at a healthy weight, imagine yourself running with an extra 40-60 pounds attached to you.  It is an interesting thing to consider, and makes me want all the more to continue to lose.  How much faster will I be a year from now when I'm at my healthy weight? I can only imagine.

Returning to the intervals has been good.  We're averaging 10-11 min miles where my long distance runs are around 14:30.  Way faster.  I'm sure as we proceed we may need to slow down some but I really want to see just how fast I can go.  Knowing my heart is healthy now makes it feel way more possible.  So even if I *feel* like dying, I know I likely won't.  :)  It's great having a running buddy again - I lost my first one to a broken toe in week 4 last time through, and finished the rest alone.  My friend Ashley is a new runner, but quite a bit taller and at a healthy weight, so she is keeping up really well.  It's much easier to get up at 5am when you know someone will be waiting for you soon!

So I do have news to report on the weight front...ready for it?  I'm down another few pounds, for a total of 63 pounds!  That feels great.  I definitely felt a certain pair of pants were looser on me this week and the scale confirmed it!  I love that feeling.  I am now only 37 pounds away from losing 100 pounds, my goal by December 31.  I cannot imagine how 75 will feel much less 100! 

I'm logging off now to get some rest to meet my running buddy before dawn.  Here's to sweet dreams about my new blueprint...and being that much closer to the next size down in pants!  I have some super cute clothes in my closet just waiting for the next 20 pounds to come off!  Think I can't do it?  WATCH ME!  :D



Jenny Highlander said...

You're awesome Clara! Glad you're loving the new job. Thinking of you and wishing you the best!!

Another Beautiful Day said...

Hey Clara,
I've got a question about running shoes. What kind should I use. I feel like the ones I am using are just not enough support. What do you think?? So proud of you.

ClaraB said...

Hey Cristal! I went to a running store and had my gait looked at - they watched me walk barefoot and determined how my foot strikes the ground. This determined what kind of shoes to purchase. The first purchase was pricey because it was at the specialty pair, but I ended up with Asics Gel Nimbus shoes. The first pair was $125 but I have seen them for $95 elsewhere. It was worth it to be sure I got the right shoe for me. Some people pronate or over pronate with their stride and therefore the shoes I got would not work for them. There is a running store in Panama City that I was going to try but I ended up getting mine in Gainesville when I was there.

Thanks Jenny! :)