Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy...but Still Kicking!

Life has been incredibly busy this last few weeks.  I was training my replacement at my old job and the day after finishing there started my new job!  I'm feeling incredibly blessed in my new role and honestly feel like it was made for me.  Doesn't hurt that my commute was cut more than half and my gas bill even more than that!  Life is good.

That said, I've kept up with my running and taken this first week of April to get my head clear before posting. 

I'm happy to say that even during these crazy times I have managed to burn lots of calories and not eat more than my allotment. :)  I'm planning on having an awesome April to make up some ground I lost in March.  And even with being absorbed with my new job I've managed to only miss one run and that was due to the weather.


So in other news I have a 5k race coming up this Saturday.  I haven't run in a race since mid-October of last year.  My time was 40:04.  I've run the 5k distance around my neighborhood in about 36 mins more recently so I am hoping to at least make that at the race on Saturday.  Since I've increased my distances and reached 4 miles many times now, I'm hoping that 3.1 will be a good experience on Saturday!

Main goal - 38 minutes or less
STRETCH goal - 36 minutes or less.

What fun is a goal without a stretch goal attached to it?  Really, anything under 40 minutes will be wonderful.  But 5 months of training as I have been *should* equate to a significant improvement in my time.

I'm excited to see how it goes!  Will check in Saturday night.

In the meantime, what goals are you setting these days?  Any main goals and any STRETCH goals?  If not...get on the ball!  I want to hear all about them. So I can cheer you on when you reach them.

Peace out,

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