Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am Bugged!

Hey, I'm back! 

I wanted to do a mini product review for you today.  Sounds official, eh?  Well, it is only day 1 of using my Body Bugg but I am super excited about it and wanted to throw my first impressions out there.

A Body Bugg is a device you wear on your upper left arm that somehow (magic?) measures your true calorie expenditure throughout the day including your workouts and just general breathing, walking around, etc.  You sync that information with your food intake online on their website and you shoot for a certain calorie deficit each day.  That deficit, added up over a week, should equal weight loss (different amounts based on how much you want to lose). 

The challenge I've been having with my weight loss lately has been twofold - having too wide a range of calories to stay in and then I think I've been underestimating my food intake as well.  An article I read said that we underestimate our calorie intake by 20-40%.  I really do think that was part of my more recent challenge.  I also have less to lose and that factors in as well - SO I was ready for some help. 

So it took a week to get here and I was going nuts waiting on it.  But the package arrived on Tuesday evening and I set out to set it up right away.  Unfortunately it would not charge...called Customer Service on Wednesday and turns out the USB they sent me was bad.  SO - I had an extra around the house (who doesn't?) and managed to get it charged and set up.  ***side note*** customer service was EXTREMELY helpful...and threw in an extra 2 months subscription (you get 6 months with purchase) to the online program. 

I wore it to bed last night.  I didn't expect much but when I woke up it said I had burned over 700 calories while I was sleeping!  Nice start.

I went for a run this morning - just a few miles with intervals due to time and it being HOT but I still burned a good 450ish calories - which was estimated to be more than my Garmin says I was burning when running...(the Garmin just uses your weight, speed, distance etc to determine that - no sensors involved). 

An extra item I purchased with it is a watch that shows throughout the day what I've burned.  It has a "trip" button I can hit to only measure certain things (like a workout) and it also doubles as a watch and isn't too bulky so that is nice.  Throughout the day I could see how many calories I had burned doing my every day activities.  It also measured my steps as well.

Along with the purchase I will get a 30 minute coaching session with someone from Body Bugg. I'm excited about that - so I can really decide what goals make the most sense for me.  For now, I've set out to lose 22 pounds by October 30th (from 191 - 169).  That is 1.5 pounds per week.  It would put my body fat just under 25% which would be awesome!  I would weigh what I did in high school again.  Still might have another 10 from there, but its a good first goal.

My daily deficit goal is 750 calories.  For now.  If this thing works I may go up to trying to lose 2 pounds a week.  Or not.  Lets just see how I feel and be sure I'm not hungry or cranky.  No one wants that...

So far so good folks. Will post after I have my coaching session.  I think it will be interesting as they don't have to teach me healthy living (haha) just how to use their device and program.

I like burning calories by my sheer existence.  That makes me happy.  Ooh - I'm burning calories by typing.  Like right now.  Neat.  Deficit here I come!


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myboysmomx2 said...

So excited for you. Can't wait to hear your progress report with the bodybugg!