Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When Can Do = Will Do


I'm in the middle of a work trip - this one included bringing my family which is a blessing!  They play in the pool during the day while I work and we're all together at night. 

I'm also staying at a Homewood Suites so I have a kitchen to cook in.  Last night, I cooked salmon, shrimp and broccoli.  The shrimp and broccoli came out great.  Salmon I'm still not that good at cooking on my own, without having Publix already marinate it for me (and didn't have olive oil to cook with - oops!).  You live and learn!  Tonight I think I will eat the dinner buffet downstairs; I am beginning to trust myself more with my choices and still have some leftover broccoli I can add to the mix if I'm still hungry.

Yesterday in the meeting I was in all day, I was stuck eating whatever was on the buffet at the lunch meeting...I was apprehensive about what it would be...until I got there and saw:

*Grilled Chicken breast
*Sauteed Green Beans
*Dark Green salad

YAY!  There were also potatoes and bread, but those are easy for me to avoid altogether. 

Guess what else?  I also avoided COOKIES THE SIZE OF MY HEAD.  Again.  Man, I'm getting good at this.

I've been really drilling a thought into my head recently.  I've heard other trainers say it, read articles about it, etc., but I think it is the ROOT of the reason I haven't lost (but have gained) in the past year. 

80% of your body composition results (weight loss, etc.) are a result of WHAT YOU EAT.
20% of the changes are made in the GYM with exercise/activity.



Makes a TON of sense here.  I haven't been as good with my food, as you well know, this past year.  I've slipped here, made excuses there, allowed myself "treats" etc. etc.  Now don't think I'm going to say that I will never eat cheesecake or cookies again.  Hello.  BUT do I need them every time they are available?


Also, my wise virtual friend Clare, keeps this amazing blog Peak 313 (check it out!) and she posted something awesome to her facebook page last week that confirmed the 80/20 dealio. 

'People ask me often if they *can* eat ___(fill in blank). Sure. You can eat anything. But will it get you toward your goal? That's the question. JillFit Physiques sums it up nicely....

"Let's stop asking permission to eat things. We *can* eat anything we want. Just that some foods push toward fat loss, others toward storage."'

Every choice I make about food, I want to ask myself.  Will this result in fat loss or fat storage? 


You may be reading this saying, "but Clara, you've done so well!  You can outrun most of your friends {except those who run - lol} and your heart is in great condition!"  This is TRUE!  BUT...even though I am an athlete, and have made incredible gains in the distances I run, and have amazing calves, guess what?  I have also gotten slower...extra weight will do that to ya! My 5k time has added about 3 minutes to it (when I would really love to delete 3 minutes from it - now I have to reduce it by 6 minutes to reach my goal!).  {And amazing calves do not make up for fat thighs and tummies.  Just saying.}

I know I have done well.  I know I have accomplished a great thing, having lost 100 pounds.  I've kept 85 of it off.  That is amazing.

BUT.  I can do better and I can finish this journey and get this weight off for GOOD!  Hit the 100 pounds lost number again.  And hit the other goals I haven't been able to attain yet.  Like 180 pounds, my wedding weight.  170, my high school weight.

I started training for a half marathon last week after being ueber inspired by Oscar Pistorious in the Olympics.  What an amazing guy!  If you missed that post, read it here

Having a training plan, I have realized, is absolutely vital for me.  Because what I write down that I need to do, I'm doing!

That is when CAN DO = WILL DO. 

I can do this training =  I will do this training.

I can make good choices that result in fat loss =  I will make good choices that result in fat loss.

I can lose the rest of this weight =  I will lose the rest of this weight.

What stands between CAN DO and WILL DO?
Decisions.  The right decisions.  The best decisions.

I'm going back to my favorite blog about decidions.  You can join me by reading this post.

What CAN you do that you WILL do?  I'd love to hear about it.


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