Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not So Great Super Great Week

So this week has been great.  Funny thing is, not everything in my LIFE was great.  Work was a bit stressful, our house still hasn't sold in Florida, and I am preparing to leave town Monday for a few days.  All of those things would normally have me ughed out by now.

BUT.  I really think a healthy approach to my eating and my crazy-mad exercise activity this week have made a huge difference in my mood and my overall attitude, including my response to some things that might otherwise be big let-me-eat-anything-I-can-get-my-hands-on-right-now moments.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I started training a group of ladies to run a 5k.  We're using the Couch to 5k program and starting week 3 now. It's been SO awesome to be part of their beginning running journey and its fun to have people to meet to work out with!

Let's recap the activity this week:

Sunday: Core 20 min workout, ran intervals with one of our training group members (she wanted an extra run!)
Monday: Fire 45 min workout, ran intervals with training group, week 2 of C25k.
Tuesday: HIIT 20 min class, ran intervals with training group, week 2 of C25k.
Wednesday: HIIT 15 min workout, Sculpt 30 min workout.
Thursday: ran intervals with training group, week 2 of C25k.
Friday: Fire 55 min workout, lunchtime 2 miles with a friend (her first time hitting that distance!), evening run with training group, week 3 of C25k.
Saturday: Core 20 min workout, 40 min stretch (like pilates/yoga), 2 mile walk with the family.

Yeah, I'm pretty tired looking at that list too.  Some days I had 2 workouts, and one day had 3.  I don't plan to always do that as I could overdo it, but given running is something I am good at, I don't always count it as an extra workout.

My body is responding extremely well to the workouts, as well as the eating mostly protein, produce, healthy fats and of course, lots of water. 

I'm going to be packing my handy Turbo Fire workout DVDs, the schedule, and a friend gave me a few of her awesome Boot Camp lists to do as well while I'm traveling.  I'm excited to stay on track with food and kind of see it as a challenge.  I am planning to do everything in my power to LOSE WEIGHT this week. 

Think I can do it?

Hey, are you a regular reader?  I go for weeks with ZERO comments...if you read, appreciate, get what I'm saying or think I'm a moron, would you please leave a comment below?  Yes, they have to be approved before they are if you call me a moron I likely won't approve it.  But would love to know if I'm talking to dead air or not...

thanks friends!

HUGS! Here's to a healthy week ahead!



Kathy D said...

HI Clara! I read your blogs and find them inspiring, especially as I try to continue losing weight. I have had more downs than up, but I get motivated reading how you are accomplishing your goals with so much going on in your life.


Nicole said...

Your funny, so not a moron! I do love comments on my blog too but I don't always get them. Anyway, nice work on training those ladies. Keep up the good work.

ClaraB said...

thanks Ladies! It was funny, on FB a few of my friends were telling me they read my blog and I was like, huh? I thought I was just writing a journal for awhile there! Kathy, I've had more Downs than Ups especially in 2012, but if I've learned nothing at all, it's that I have to learn from the downs in order to really get back up! And right now even with alot of uncertainty in my life, I am UP! Woohoo! :) Thanks to you both. Nice to conversate.

Anne said...

I read you!!!!!!! You aren't posting in vain. :) It's just sometimes I have to catch up on a few posts at a time. Keep up the good work. Did you ever find out what was wrong with your stomach? (I may have missed that one.)

Charity Anne said...

I always follow what youre up to, and if I don't see ya posting for a while I wonder how you're doiing, so no dead air here!

Amy said...

This is Amy! I have you on my google reader and love your posts. Keep them coming. :) I got seriously sidetracked over the holidays and the craziness of life, but am mostly back on it and feeling so much better. One day at a time! Will look forward to seeing you in March.

ClaraB said...

Thanks Anne, Charity Anne and Amy! I appreciate you all keeping up with me. :) Nice to know I am not alone in this!!!

Lydia Pierce said...

I read your blog, Clara! And highly enjoy it. :)