Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Burpee Kinda Month

So its been a "Burpee Kinda Month."  If you've ever done a burpee (some people call them up/downs), you will understand what I mean.  You are standing up, then you drop down into pushup position then jump back up. Its TOUGH on your quads and really gets your heart pumping.  Especially when you weigh over 200 pounds.  Just saying.

I was doing GREAT at the time of my last posting.  I went on a business trip and did awesome, staying on plan and working out a ton.  Then I returned home and something strange happened. I was hit with some kind of crazy, weird, GI issue that stopped me in my proverbial tracks.

It was horrid.  Each afternoon I began to get nauseated and light headed. I would eat something, then feel completely bloated, stomach burning, nauseated, to the point of laying down. It was rough. My parents came to visit after Christmas and it had been going on for a week so she made me go to the doctor.  Everyone was puzzled but it sounded like my gall bladder. Had an ultrasound and supposedly that is working fine...(though they didn't do a function test; I still suspect that might be an issue).

Guess what? I felt better when I ate crappy food.  It was the only kind of food that would keep me from having to lie down.  Fruit, veggies, etc., made me feel horrible.  It was very puzzling.  They put me on a medication that helps reduce acid in your stomach, and I was on that for about a week, then decided to take myself off of it.  I slowly began reducing carbs again and next thing you know, I'm back on track.

It was crazy as I really didn't "want" to eat badly for those two weeks, but it was either that or feel like crap.  Now I'm rounding the bend of that issue and beginning to have the opposite, feeling bad if I eat something bad.  YAY!

All that crap (lol) out of the way (for now), I've started something fun on the exercise track.

Still doing my awesome Turbo Fire workouts and I love love love them.  I've also started running regularly again; and last week started a group of ladies on the Couch to 5k (C25K) program.  We're most of the way through Week 2, and they are very faithful and dedicated. It is SO awesome to have them training with me!  I'm really enjoying it AND the accountability of having people to workout with is awesome.

Most days I have a Turbo Fire workout AND a run.  It seems like alot, but it feels amazing.  I'm really really enjoying it and seeing results very quickly.

The eating is mainly Protein, Produce and water.  I eat protein at every meal/snack and veggies at every meal/snack with fruit here and there too. It's going extremely well for me.

What I notice most is my BELLY FAT is what is disappearing the fastest. This is normal for reducing complex carbs.  I am eating carbs, people, but not in the form of bread or pasta or rice.  Instead, in the form of veggies and fruits, and millet and flax.

I feel really good and don't find myself craving anything which is really helpful. I do eat dark chocolate every day still too which is really helping me stay on track and not crave anything crazy.

Hey wait, I didn't talk about New Year's resolutions! Because I don't believe in them.  Read my thoughts on that HERE when I posted about Decisions vs. Resolutions.  Good stuff.  I keep hearing "I plan to eat less this or more that or do this or stop that."  Well...lets talk in February when your very airy lofty goals have failed. You have to make them SMART!  Read more about that HERE.

Overall, I'm in a really good place. I did gain some weight back when I went through the crazy-eat-bad-food-to-feel-better-gi issue, but I'm back to losing again and almost to where I was before it happened.

So the moral of the story is I HATE Burpees but sometimes life is like one.  You are up, you are down, its rough, you want to quit, but you have to hang in there and keep going.  And I have and I am.

Holla! :)


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