Saturday, March 23, 2013

Been There, Doing That!

Hey all! Had a much less stressful week, though every week has it's moments, right?

I am still recovering from the ear infection of the century - sheesh, finish working antibiotics and steroids! Wish I had been feeling well enough to exercise while traveling but it just didn't happen. 

I did managed to eek out the following exercise this week even while traveling for 3 days:

Monday - T30 Warrior workout (weights)
Thursday - T30 Warrior workout (weights)
Friday - Interval run with my 9 year old
Saturday- Interval run with my friend Hannah, then T30 Beast workout (weights)

So yeah, mostly weight training this week, but hey, it was something right? 

Kept my food on point, even though Panera tried to sabotage me.  I ordered off the hidden menu, and thought I averted crisis when the girl rang it up wrong and explained the salad to me (it was wrong).  She fixed it, then I grabbed my food and headed back to the hotel.  Got settled in to watch the Biggest Loser finale and found it had feta cheese all in it, and had some mystery dressing on the side.

Dressing from my purse to the rescue!!!

Yep, that's how I rolled.  I did end up with some cheese, but it didn't bother me much, dumped as much of it as I could, but you know feta, its tough without washing your salad (and I just now realized I could have done that).

Food otherwise was great, found an awesome cafe on Tybee Island (Sundae's) and LOVED the food there.  Lots of beautiful salads with fresh fish.  I tried a mango gazpacho that was incredible and I can't wait to recreate it here at home.

So speaking of the Biggest Loser, I was SO excited for Danni to win it.  She was my favorite throughout, so much heart and so dedicated.  She worked her fanny off (literally!).  There were so many amazing transformations in addition to hers, I was so proud of every contestant.  I honestly cannot watch that show, especially the finale, without shedding a few sincere tears.  Probably because I can compare my own journey to theirs. 

Of course, I haven't had time to focus ONLY on losing weight, I've done it while working full time career jobs that have all involved travel.  And I haven't had a personal trainer pushing me multiple hours per day, I relied on friends to meet me for walks, then trained myself to run using C25k, and did many hours of home workout videos.  I have had some gym time but don't prefer it, to be honest.  You all know running is my favorite.

So the one major thing I have in common with the Biggest Loser contestants?
I could have been on that show.  Easily.  At 285 pounds, I weighed more than most of the female contestants start off weighing on the show.


It still staggers me to think of it.

So yeah, I've been at this for 3 and a half years.  And it will be a solid 4 before I've reached my goal weight.  I have had some ups and downs, good days and bad days, injuries and recoveries and HUGE self-discoveries.  I feel fortunate that I have finally found my sustainable groove here and plan to keep the momentum up, forever.

Every time I think it's taking too long and I am tired of it, I remind myself of that girl that I don't recognize from 2009 at 285 pounds.

That's me in the middle.  Yep.  Wow.  I look sick.

Me and my loving husband.  I am so blessed he loved and pursued me, even at this weight.
I don't recognize this girl at all anymore.  In fact, people who knew me then, and didn't know me before, walk by me now with zero recognition.

Last weekend after church.

Last month in Orlando.


Yeah, I don't recognize me either comparing those pictures.  Sure, I have a ways to go, but I'm more than halfway to where I want to be, in fact, I'm around 2/3 of the way.
So every day I feel it's taking too long, I'll just have to come back to this blog and remember and breathe.  I'm glad shows like the Biggest Loser exist so they can help keep me in check.
Overall, I'm feeling great and still LOVING my food every day.  I'm 53 days into the Whole 30 and no sign of stopping.  I am going to start to reintroduce food this week; just grains to start, to see how I react.  Not doing it because I miss them, and have zero intentions of changing the way I eat right now, but I'm curious to know if I have a bona-fide allergy to it so I can just know.  I will give myself a full week to process the one day of grains to see if I get any gut interruptions, new zits, or headaches, etc.  Will let you all know how that goes. 
I got a new cookbook that I am SUPER excited about, it's called Well Fed.  It is INCREDIBLE and the food is easy to cook and amazingly tasty!!! Already made two recipes from it and have 2 more on the  menu for this next week!  You have to check it out if you are interested in Whole 30/paleo eating.
Keep on keeping on my friends...and as always let me know how I can help support you!


Amanda in RI said...

I'm on day 8 of my 2nd whole30, and my husband is doing it with me. AND my 15 year old daughter started a whole30 yesterday!

You look amazing! Way to go, staying on track even when traveling!

Anne said...

Where do you find packets of dressing like that? Those would be great! I'm anxious to hear how your reintroduction trials go!

ClaraB said...

thank you Amanda! :) Anne, I got them from I bought 105 packets of each - I think it was between $25-35 with shipping and all. They are AWESOME! One got bad reviews saying it was hard to open, I've had zero trouble with that. ooh - reintroduction...let me just say that blog will be VERY interesting! Hoping to get to it this weekend sometime.