Friday, August 2, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time for THIS!

So this has been an interesting week plus.  Right now I am dealing with a quadricep strain.  Yep.  Strained the quadricep muscle (the big one on the front of the thigh) on both legs!  While trying to escape from a bug.  Yes, it is true.  Embarrassing, but true.  A bug got in our house during a heavy rain last Friday night and landed on my foot.  Those of you who really know me know that I FREAKED and kicked both legs to get away from it.  And then screamed because of the pain in my legs.  Never felt such a searing pain in a muscle before. 

The thing is, now that I've read up about quad strains, it was bound to happen.  Can't blame it on the bug, or my irrational fear/reaction to them, not completely.  Instead, I am blaming it on lack of stretching while working on an intense and rigorous training schedule.

Over the years I have gotten lax with stretching.  I know, I KNOW!  This is terrible.  But I found myself to be fairly injury free without stretching, even after my runs.  I usually stretch lightly after a run if I have time, but most of the time, I don't have time.  I stretch better when I run with a friend.  Alone?  I forget about it completely and jump into my routine.

The new program, Focus T25, is amazing.  It works the heck out of my quads.  I'm reading that many runners are stronger in the hamstrings, so a quad strain is normal when they are overused.

My treatment plan includes...drum roll... NO RUNNING.  Sigh.  It's terrible.  I was only running about 2 days/week but something about running for me is like an escape. Whether it be intervals or a nice 5k on a Saturday morning.  And I love love love to run just before weighing in since it makes me sweat so much (especially this time of year!) and I always post a good loss after a run.  I am, however, to keep up with my T25 training and modify as needed.  I have been modifying some.  Earlier this week, when crouching to get something out of my laptop bag, it was difficult to get up without help or pain.  Today I completed 2 workouts with minimal modification so beginning to feel stronger, though I still feel twinges every now and then.

The week leading up to my injury my quads were extremely sore and tired.  More than I have ever experienced before. Given I lost over an inch off of each thigh, that is proof that something was working.  My quads were working HARD.  I wish I had paid better attention because now that the muscle has torn I have to wait for it to heal.  Blah, this is where I get impatient, and I'm normally a fairly patient person (don't ask my husband his opinion on that).  But it being just on the edge of the tear, jumping away from that bug the way I did just pushed it over the seemed ok the next day, I ran intervals the morning after and it was fine, that afternoon in softball I hit the ball and it tore badly on my way to first base.  I was burnt.  This is when I finally admitted I was officially injured.  Dang. It.

The sad part too is no running means I'm limited to the position(s) I can play for our softball team.  Since I can't hustle after the ball, outfield is out.  Even infield would probably be a bit too much jumping around.  So I'm stuck behind the batter.  Oh how boring.  I did manage to get someone out at home the other day so all is not completely lost.  But let me tell you, you can't get a pinch runner until you get on base.  I've got to focus on hitting as hard and far as possible in order to make sure I get on base!

I have shared before that I care WAY too much about what people think of me...well picture this:  in my mind, not being able to run makes me look lazy.  I know I am not lazy, but it feels lazy to not be able to "hustle."  It also reminds me of when I weighed 285 pounds and didn't know how to hustle.  I mean, you can't tell by looking at me that I'm injured.  So I just look lazy.  To me anyway.  And I feel like the fat kid again.  I know, I know.  Just venting how I'm truly feeling.

I know consciously that I am not there, not going back there, and will be better soon, but in the meantime.  Man. Being benched from running STINKS!

Well, I am going to focus on the positive here. Going tomorrow to get some KT tape to try some creative taping for the next softball game.  Going to keep foam rolling.  And realize how important this cross training adventure I am on is; I should have super strong quads after this which will only benefit my running.

Why do we always read and learn things AFTER an injury?  Oh yeah, cause we're benched and have time to.  Hmm.  Maybe I need to research these things in advance in the future.

So there it is...will update in a few days.  Hoping to be so busy being active that I can't blog for a few weeks! Reality is saying otherwise, but I'm trying to think positive!

Peace from my couch yo,


Sarah Reed said...

Good grief, you are about the least lazy person I know. On the plus side, I've heard really good things about taping. My mama had some back issues awhile ago and taping really helped while it was healing. Hang in there!

gjsarah said...

be gentle with yourself, clara. it's about the journey, not the destination.

ClaraB said...

yeah, it's a curse. I *know* I'm not lazy...but it's more about how it *looks.* Yep, I'm aware that is a fault of mine! Dang woo... ;) Thanks for the support ladies!