Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two Words: RE-SULTS!

Well, the Alpha Phase of Focus T25 has come to an end, along with my first week back on Whole 30. 

I have had some INCREDIBLE results in the last 5 weeks, a great deal of which can be attributed to this week, when my nutrition was dialed in as it should have been the whole time.  But, not going to get sucked into "how much better I could have done" as I'm pretty darn proud of how well I did do!

Here are the statistics:

STATurday! ALPHA phase of T25 COMPLETE!

Started at 190.4: Final 184.2: LOST 6.2LBS

Chest: -1 inch
Waist: -4 inches (2 the first 2 weeks, 2 this week with W30)
Arms: -1 inch total
Thighs: -4 inches total!!! (wow!)
I'm super happy with these results.  Note that half of the inches lost on my waist were THIS WEEK from going back to Whole 30 nutrition (  
 Here are some pictures for you:

AHHH!!! I see Abs poking out!  And back fat disappearing!  Ignore the silly shorts riding all over the place, I purposely do NOT wear compression gear when taking pics as they will skew how it looks (by sucking fat IN).

Now I want to share a picture of my Before/Current from December 3, 2012 when I first became acquainted with my friend Nate

Total Weight difference here is 41.4 pounds.

 Still have a little ways to go, but I can REALLY see myself getting there.  Listen, none of this happened without a HUGE FOCUS ON NUTRITION.  You cannot just work out and lose fat while you eat junk. It doesn't work that way.  And it's really important to know that everyone's body has different versions of what "junk" is.  I know some people that aren't negatively affected by the same foods I am.  That's why the Whole 30 has been such a good journey for me.  I found I'm highly sensitive to the following:
  • Wheat/Gluten - makes my digestion almost completely STOP.  Fast huge weight gain.  Bloating.
  • Dairy - makes my allergies act up, and causes weight gain.
  • Sugar - makes my face break out and my arthritis flare up in a huge way.
    So I posted the following on my Facebook page last night:  

    "Can't vs won't. Don't tell me you can't do this healthy lifestyle thing or you don't have time or its too hard. I absolutely won't believe you. Just look at what I have done and am doing! It's doable folks. A healthy lifestyle needs to be a priority. Even being a mommy, super busy traveling career person, and preachers wife in my case. It's not only doable it makes you better at all the other jobs you have. So don't say can't. At least not to me."

    This is entirely possible for ANYONE.  Even with health problems, busy lives, etc.  I am NOT a special super human who has excellent diligence or discipline (my friends are laughing as they read that) and I am not a stay at home wife with time to  hit the gym for 3 hours a day. 

    Here's what I have stacked "against" me:
    • I live with a meningioma brain tumor wrapped around my carotid artery in my cavernous sinus that causes headaches occasionally, memory loss, clumsiness, etc. 
    • I work a full time job that has me on the road most days of the week
    • I'm a pastor's wife and there is alot that goes along with that. 
    • I have a 9 year old little girl and a husband who depend on me.
    • I cook almost every night I'm home, sometimes multiple meals per day.

      So don't tell me you CAN'T.  You may not be able to work out in the same way, or eat the same as me, but you can do SOMETHING.  JUST DO IT.  A year from now, you will wish you had started today!


Sarah Reed said...

LOOK AT THOSE ABS! You rock! You look AWESOME! :) Awesome job!!!

ClaraB said...

thank you my sweet friend!!!!

Anne said...

Wow! Nice job! And you were even battling injuries. I'm glad someone else understands can't vs won't/don't. I went back and forth with a girl I work with about that. She kept saying I "couldn't" eat certain things. I kept trying to tell her I "don't" eat things because it's my choice. We went back and forth a couple of times and then I decided it just wasn't worth it. I've been thinking of getting the dvds lately, but did you get the shakes with them. Nate had mentioned the sale on the challenge pack. I've not had good luck liking things with stevia in them, so wan't sure.

ClaraB said...

I'll private message you Anne! Yep, we gotta just sometimes stay silent. :)