Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's true.  I've arrived.  At One-derland.

It was a journey of many miles.  And One-derland is still just another stop along that journey.  But once you are there, you plan to stay awhile. 199.2 this morning.

It will be a week or so of going up and down a few pounds like I do before my body drops another few pounds, so I'll likely cross back over 200 a few times until I'm solidly 198 or below.  Good thing is my next "official" weigh in on the BL challenge on Sparkpeople is next Thursday so I have some time to get there and stay there.

On the exercise front, I didn't get as much activity in this week as I would have liked as my week included a few changes to my plans.  But all in all I'm still happy with the results.  I'll just kick myself back into gear this week and get moving from there. 

My work schedule is soon to be changing at the end of this month, and I'm looking forward to reworking my exercise schedule.  I think it is healthy to do that every once in awhile.  Running has been going well.  I've backed off on distances a bit this week, partly due to time, but also I'm weaning my ankle off of my light brace.  I've had two runs brace-free and they have both been great. Just 2 miles each time, but I'll go for 3 or 4 tomorrow morning.  That's another semi-new development - trying to run 4 days a week.  Seems to be working for me so far!  I'm really hoping to hit 10k distance by the end of April. 

I'm also motivated alot by my closet right now - I have about 6 pairs of pants that are the next size down.  I would love to be in them by April - will open up a whole new wardrobe!  I think 185 is the magic number for a few pairs.  That's also my 100 pounds down mark so I'm excited to get there in just 14 pounds!  AHHH! :)

I bought some clothes today - a great long sleeved fitted red blouse, a red skirt, red and silver sweater (yes, I was in a red mood or I should say lots of red on clearance today) and also a skirt for my little girl all for $26.  Now, I did have to then purchase a silver tank top for $14.99 online to go with the red skirt and red/silver sweater, but outfit for less than $25?  Yes, please!

The red sweater is significant here...because it is a size SMALL.  I had to write that in big letters.  I've purchased 2 tops in the last month that were mediums.  I am not *trying* to be a size small here, lets clarify that.  My goal weight is 165 for goodness sake.  That is hardly small...So the few mediums were even funny to me as I never imagined I would land there.  Well this sweater is 3/4 sleeve and super cute - I figured I'd try it on (it also was marked down to $6.99).  It's adorable!  With the silver tank and then my new silver pumps it will be quite the outfit.  I'll post a picture when the tank top arrives, ok?  As a photo memory of my Onederland achievement.

Thanks for sticking with me this's to breaking more records!  The cool part is my next goals are closer together - since I'm getting closer to goal, I need that to keep me motivated as the weight loss will likely begin to slow.

Here's a list of my next goals for kicks:

185: Celebrate 100 pounds down! (14 pounds away from right now)
180: Celebrate the weight I was when I got married 11 years ago (19 pounds away from right now)
165: GOOOOAAAL! (34 pounds away from right now).

Then we'll reassess.  Sound good?  Good.

Night all!  I'm off for sweet dreams of shopping, shoes and smaller sizes.


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