Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She Believed She Could...So She Did!

Quote by Suzanne Berry

Exciting day for me today.  I ran 5 miles non stop for the first time ever!  This is HUGE!  My furthest distance up to today was 4.5 miles and that was a few months ago.

I had planned on trying to get to 10k distance by fall since the heat of summer is upon us.  Well, a few mornings have been pretty cool.  Last week I ran 4 miles one day.  So I decided I was going to go for 5 miles.  And today...I did!

Part of why it was successful is that I was completely mentally prepared. I had decided I physically could do it.  Then I decided I really wanted to do it.  Then I decided to tell some people I was going to do it. 

What kept me going that last half mile (which was haaard) was knowing I would have really achieved something and how exciting it would be to tell people about my accomplishment.

I ran it in 58 minutes.  I feel like that is pretty good (avg mile time of 11:44).  My 5k record is 35:30, an average of 11:30 minutes per mile.  I'm not the fastest person, but I really didn't slow much to add almost 2 miles to my 5k.  In fact, when I ran 4 miles last week I ran it with an average of 11:22 mpm. 

SO I am a happy camper today.  Feet a little sore, left knee tender and left ankle (my bad ankle) a little sore.   I was also nauseous for awhile after I ran until I refueled with a blueberry, banana, spinach, almond milk and chocolate whey protein shake (yuuuum!).

But overall I can't believe how great I feel.  And that feeling of accomplishment is SO worth a little bit of nausea and soreness.  I'll be flying high on this one for awhile.

So if you are sitting there reading this and thinking, "man, I could never do that."  Well, you are me, exactly 2 years ago.

The difference?

I believed I could.  And I did.

You can too!


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Wender said...

Great job!! Keep up the awesome {and inspiring} work!