Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hit the Road Jack...but NOT Without My Plan!

Hey!  So a week late on the update I promised, but who is counting anyway?

I had a good week overall.  Busy but good.  Managed to finally lose a few more pounds - 187.4 yesterday morning.  Body Bugg is still awesome.  Making me REALLY honest with food.  Painfully so at times.  If I don't lose what I had planned to lose based on my calorie intake/output, it changes how much I must have eaten.  ouch!  It is true though...and that makes sense as to why my weight loss has slowed.  I've gotten out of touch with tracking my food - properly.  I've tracked consistently, but if you do something consistently wrong, you won't get good results.  Duh.  :)

It feels great to have lost a little again.  I'm ready to make this a consistent thing.

Had a food revelation this week.  Zaxby's is advertising some sort of sweet smokey sandwich thing.  Fried chicken strips on their texas toast.  It looks amazing.  When I see something like that, many times I say, "I just want to try it - if I just try it then I won't be curious."  I was pondering this the other day.   I actually think that in some of these cases, I should not try it.  Because what if I really like it?  Then I will add something to my "no fry" list (like no fly - get it?).  I don't need to keep adding foods there.  I want to be able to enjoy whatever I love, in moderation.  No need to be adventurous with crappy-for-me food, right?

What a revelation!  Sorry if that was obvious to all you rock stars, but I'm thinking the new foods I try now should be ones that will be best for me...I already "like" enough not so good for me food that I take in moderation.  Some things should just never make the no fry list.  I'm good with that now.  No amount of curiosity will beat that decision.

In a few minutes I'm going to bed so I can get up suuuper early and catch a ridiculously early flight in the morning. 5:45am to be exact.

I'll be traveling ALL week - returning home on Saturday.  SO.  I need a plan, right?

Food:  Make the best choice possible, the entire week.  This doesn't mean I won't enjoy anything I eat.  I love the food I eat - the healthy food actually tastes good when you start tasting food again.  My challenge will be that no matter what you eat, when you eat out you take in more sodium than normal.  So if I decide to make the best choice possible at every meal, even if I slip up a little here or there, it will be ok overall.

Water:  Keep it up!  I don't plan on stopping my water intake.  I think my water bottle will need to be empty coming into the gate, then I can refill it.  I'm praying that I'm able to take it with me or I'll be bummed!  I have plans for it to work out.  OR I'll be buying lots of bottled water.

Exercise:  DO IT - Every day.  Realistically I will not be able to run every single day.  Probably every other day at most - the days I'm not flying somewhere else.  This trip will be challenging as I'll be flying to a new place Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  AHH!  So, I will likely not run tomorrow unless its later in the afternoon.  I can run Tuesday morning, then Wednesday as my flight isn't too early.  Then I can run Thursday morning and maybe Friday afternoon?  The good part is I'll be walking alot in airports too - that never hurt a calorie burn!

So there is my plan.  Sometimes just defining it is all you need to do to make sure you stay on track.  So there it is.  Defined, simplified, and ingrained in the brain.

As I go to bed dreaming of the spinach smoothies I'll miss this week...maybe I've made you wonder, do you have your own plan for the week?

Because if I can lose weight the week of Thanksgiving (2 years in a row), weigh less on Jan 1 then I did the previous Jan 1 (2 years in a row) all while having nursed an ankle injury back to health, changed jobs twice, and traveled like a crazy person.....what's your excuse?


Just sayin.



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