Friday, August 5, 2011


I cannot believe I haven't blogged since July 23!  I am alive, I promise!

Things have been very crazy, but good.

I'm getting more used to my Body Bugg!  The first week weigh in ended up being the same as my ueber exciting weight the previous Saturday - which is OK as it definitely equaled what I should have lost based on my deficit.

We have been traveling since this past Sunday - which means eating out alot, being tired, off track, etc.  I'm pleased to say I've kept my activity waaay up - which is good because my calories have also been up! I have maintained a good deficit in spite of all the desserts - but am still nervous about getting back on my scale on Sunday.  I can't even cheat and do a preventative "oh crap will it be bad" weigh in tomorrow as we won't be home until later (and you all know my rule - I only weigh early in the morning right after a good sweaty run). 

The moon is also where I am set to "gain" a few pounds of water weight so that might also just be it...I don't know.  I have definitely felt "puffy" today and I hate that feeling.  But I ran at lunchtime on the treadmill at the hotel gym so I am battling it well.

I will probably get up early and run again in the morning before we get in the car for the 6 hour drive home - that is alot of running for me this week but I've missed my Zumba and didn't think to bring any of my DVDs with me (silly goof) so I needed to do something.  I hate the elliptical so I didn't even bother for that kind of variety.  Went swimming once this week as well and we took a long family walk Wednesday night. 

But like I said.  I ate dessert.  Every. Single. Day.

And not just the 3 dark chocolate hershey kisses I typically allow myself. 

So I am looking forward to weighing in.  I am interested to see what will come of it.  If this whole deficit thing is for real, I should still be down a pound or two...unless my water weight makes up the difference which is quite possible.

Funny how I am looking forward to weighing in.  My how the last 2 years have changed me.

I really think anticipation is a wonderful thing, and something we often miss when we are trying to be healthier.  We get caught up in the other feelings, like stress, pressure, guilt, unhappiness, and even anger when we aren't "good" and don't make the best food choices, or get the workout in that we planned. 

But I try to look at everything with anticipation.  Does it mean I expect an incredible 4 pound loss on Sunday when I get on the scale?  No.  While that would be great, I'm well aware of the times I didn't make great choices this week and let my eating slip into more of a "vacation" mode.  I'm also well aware of my body, where the moon is (lol) and so I anticipate a result.  Maybe not great, but probably not horrible.  The weigh in will be what it is.  I cannot change anything now to sway it.  And honestly I don't know that I would.  Slow weight loss is permanent weight loss in my opinion.  That is working for me.

Regardless of the result, I will not be thrown off track. 

The lesson in this is not to put so much stock in the result and to enjoy the anticipation.  Realizing that every good decision you make for your health will make the journey that much more exciting and rewarding. 

I've indulged more than I probably should have.  But I've also sweated my tail off as well hoping to mitigate some of that potential damage.

And so I happily anticipate my weigh in on Sunday.  And I know, regardless of what happens, I anticipate acceptance of said result and having a great week of getting back into my routine.

It's all in how you choose to look at it.  Remember, choices my friends!

Will post on Sunday afternoon after we're safely home, unpacked and rested.


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