Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stats...a Year or 2 in Review

One of the determining factors for me to travel down this journey to a healthier and longer life was my bloodwork 2 summers ago.

In August 2009, my lipid panel results were as follows:

Total Cholesterol: 235 (s/b less than 200)
HDL: 67 (s/b 40 or greater)
Triglycerides: 228 (s/b less than 150)
LDL: 122 (s/b less than 100)

So my HDLs, or good cholesterol, were pretty good.  But it didn't balance out my off the charts triglycerides or LDLs.  And the total number was enough to have me one 6 month check-in away from being on cholesterol medication.

At 30 years old.  Not my proudest moment.

I had my once a year bloodwork done this past week.

August 2011 Results:

Total Cholesterol: 185 (down 50 points)
HDL: 52 (down 15 points)
Triglycerides: 106 (down 122 points)
LDL: 112 (down 2 points)

Do you SEE that?  My Triglycerides have gone down 122 points.  That is the most staggering thing to me about this new blood panel.  I am elated at the progress.

This piece of paper with an encouraging note from my doctor has made my day!  She thinks my LDL elevation may be hereditary since my eating/exercise are on target.  I can live with that - I can also try harder. :)

No medication, no crazy dieting, I don't even take any natural cholesterol reducers.  I just eat well - most of the time.  And get plenty of good cardiovascular exercise.

Just 2 short years ago, when my doctor told me eating right and exercising could solve my cholesterol problem without medication, I did not believe her.

Not because I didn't think it could work.

But because I didn't think I could do it.  ME.

I did it.

Now, I still have not "arrived."  I still want to get my HDLs, or good cholesterol, to go up.  And I'd like to get my LDLs, or bad cholesterol, down.  I'm waaay happy with my triglycerides, I must admit.

And yes, I'm bragging about bloodwork.  You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't want to hear it, right?

So happy Saturday to all.  Just wanted to share that this isn't just an outside physical change - my insides are transforming as well.  And while you can't see them - they count hugely toward your health.  Do you know your numbers?

I have said it before - I will say it again.  If I can do it - anyone can do it.



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Anonymous said...

That is amazing progress! It shows you that this journey is about more than wearing a smaller clothing size - it really is about your health. It is an affect that you cant see, but is definetely most impressive. At 43, I was taking 4 different medications - blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol. After having lost 90 lbs, I am off all meds and feel better than I have in about 20 years. Now I am excited to see my blood test results and, like you, and amazed that all of this can be accomplished with eating healthier and excercise.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! I also go to the dr this week for my blood work. I was not really working out as much as I am now 3 months ago so I am hoping my numbers are down a bunch more =) It is very satifying to see the scale change and also the lab #'s. =) Keep it up girl!!

Heather Scott