Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I love some of the Zumba music - gets stuck in your head for weeks!  Well, I'm in "pause" right now.  Intentionally, but its still a pause nonetheless.

As you know, I exercise...alot.  A huge part of my plan to get to my goal weight and live a healthier lifestyle involves me moving more than I've ever moved before.  My typical week includes 4 runs of varying types, several 3-4 miles, a fast 2 miler and then speedwork on another day.  I also do Zumba once or twice a week and strength train.  Add in a few walks with family and friends and I don't always get a day off of activity during the week.

A few weeks ago I ran 1.8 miles to reach my Zumba class (with a backpack on that carried my Zumba shoes, a full water bottle, etc.).  I did an hour of Zumba, then ran home.  The next day my legs did not want to move I was so sore.  I guess 2 solid hours of working out will do that to you.

Last week my knee started hurting during a run.  Had never hurt in that spot.  Hurt the rest of the day.  I took a few days off of activity and it did ok when I ran 2 miles Thursday.  Then I ran a race on Saturday (my 6th 5k race) with my friend Beth, and my other knee hurt for the rest of the day!  Seriously?

It was really time for a break.

I'm really glad I had one scheduled!

I have read articles that say you should take a break from your exercise routine once every 12 weeks.  The theory is that your body gets too used to the activity you are doing, and it becomes less effective for your weight loss goals.  Taking a break is supposed to let your body rest and reset - and you get to "start over" once you are back at it.

In the last 2+ years the only breaks I have had are for my ankle injury last year (9 weeks of cast and PT), then I had a cold in December 2010 so I took a few days off, re-twisted my bad ankle in March of 2011 and took a few days off.

I have never taken days off on purpose.  And it feels WEIRD.

I find myself trying to decide what exercise I will do when I get home.  I'm getting to work earlier but don't have the same energy.  In fact, I was ready to go to bed about 30 minutes ago (8:15pm here).

As you know from my last post, I really learned my lesson that my activity/exercise and how well I eat go hand in hand.  So I purposefully scheduled the 5 day eating cleanse for this week that I would be virtually inactive.  I have to be more careful about my eating since I can't run anything off!

So I've done 2 days of the cleanse and 3 days no exercise so far.  I'm doing ok I think.  Actually felt this morning like I was coming down with a cold.  Seriously?  Been pumping the Vitamin C to take care of that.

I do feel tired and run down, even though I'm sleeping plenty and not exercising.  But exercise gives me energy!  It's like a light source for me and I'm walking around in the dark this week.

But it is just temporary and intentional.  So I am going to stick to my plan.  And LOVE my run on Sunday morning.

This Thursday I'm speaking at an HR conference in our town on Wellness - talking about how Workplace Wellness starts with You (meaning the HR professionals in the room).  I'm excited and nervous as I never love speaking in front of a crowd, but I know what I have to say is relevant and may inspire someone.  I'm also a participant in the event and I get to talk first, so I will be able to enjoy the rest of the day.

That day, however, I will not be eating my cleanse-appropriate spinach salad.  I decided I need to eat whatever lunch everyone else eats that day.  One of the main things I stress is no diet plans - so if I speak about losing weight the healthy way, then pull out my carrots an spinach salad with goat cheese while everyone else  eats "normal" food that will send the opposite message of my talk in the morning - even if I know what I'm doing is a healthy reset - perception is everything.

The boss who told me that "perception is everything" about 11 years ago has no idea how understanding that has changed my life!  That's another blog post for another day though...

For today, PLEASE be sure to do something active - heck do it for me if you don't have the motivation yourself.  Because I'm sitting here on my keister, motivated enough for ALL of us!


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Kathy D said...

Clara, I have finished reading all of your blog and look forward to the next entry. You have inspired me! I drank my last soda yesterday. They have a YMCA here at work & I joined it, this way I can make sure to work out before, during or after work - no excuses. Thanks for sharing this site with me. Most important, thanks for giving me the knowledge that I can do it too!