Thursday, September 1, 2011

What 100 Means to Me

I think I underestimated how it would feel to cross over 100 pounds.  Really, it wasn't that much different weight wise than 95 pounds, or even 99 pounds.  So why does it feel so incredible?

Probably because it is. 

100 pounds is like 10/10lb bowling balls.  

100 pounds is like 25/4lb bags of sugar.

100 pounds is 2/7 year olds (mine weighs 50).

Imagine carrying any of the above around.  All the time.

I almost feel like I've been freed.  It happened so gradually, over the last two years, that I don't think I've really considered the sheer magnitude of 100 pounds lost. 

Now that I've lost this amount of weight, I feel incredibly motivated to continue.

I feel like I can do anything.

Just 2 short years ago I had no goals or plans to do anything.  I was existing.

Today I'm living.

And healthier than I've ever been in all my life.

I will go ahead and remind you all, and myself, that I'm not done.  I haven't arrived.  And yet I am THAT.MUCH.CLOSER to where I want to be.  I'm 80% done losing weight (if 120 pounds ends up being my ultimate goal).  Dude, 20 pounds at this point is ueber do-able.  Seriously.

I have many many wise things to say to you all about this journey.  What I've learned, how I've struggled, where I've been, what it feels like to be me, experiencing this, right now.

But tonight I just want to continue to take it all in.  And bask in the amazing feeling of accomplishment.  I don't yet have words to do it justice.  I will though.  If you know me, you know being rendered speechless is a rare occurrence and typically passes.

In the meantime, enjoy this moment with me, will you?



Anne said...

Congratulations!! What a milestone! I'm going to celebrate with you by going for a run. :)

ClaraB said...

That is GREAT Anne! What a perfect way to celebrate with me! :)

Clare said...

I am soooo totally proud of you! I am glad you have invited me in on your journey, even though I'm just hitting the tail end of it!

You are such an example for many women of grit, determination and beauty. Congrats and I can't wait to see everything else you will do!!


ClaraB said...

Thank you Clare! I'm so honored that you read my blog - I look up to you and your blog SO much! I appreciate the support and am excited to share it with whomever will listen! lol. :)