Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hey friends!

It's been a great week.  Many interesting challenges have crept up and whacked me in the face.  I, however, persevered.  Let me share my successes with you.

1) I lost 10.5 pounds in the 3 days with the cleanse.  Typically you regain a few after a loss like that.  I did and then lost again.  I'm 10.5 pounds down and its staying down.  Only 49.5 left!!!

2) I ate out 3 times in the last week!!!  Made great choices.  Friday night found a local restaurant has grilled chicken breast and sweet potato!  Next day ate before leaving the house and only ordered grilled chicken strips at Chik-fil-a.  Then Sunday ordered fried chicken and removed the skin/crust and ate that and veggies.  Proving once again that I can be on the run and still lose.  Good thing as I am traveling next week!

3) I've been a cleaning and organizing machine! My house has begun transforming into a home.  We moved in 6 weeks ago, and for 3 of those weeks I had travel while my hubby's job has kept him crazy busy.  Finally starting to put the "me" stamp on my place.  Love my wall colors and excited to see it all come together. We may even get a Christmas tree this weekend!!!

4) I have followed my workout plan to a T.  Let me tell you...this Turbo Fire is NO JOKE.  It has been really tough but fun at the same time.  One day I was scheduled to do a stretching workout for 40 mins.  I was like, stretching for 40 mins?  It ended up being like a pilates/yoga and my body really needed it.  I loooooved it and felt 100% better after it!

5) A very sweet friend delivered fresh chocolate pie after the Christmas parade we missed last week due to my little one being sick (again!).  I didn't eat any!

I'm trying to get enough rest which is easy since we bought an awesome new bed (seriously the BEST thing I ever bought!) and overall feeling much much better than I was just two weeks ago.

Doesn't hurt that my jeans aren't cutting off circulation either...lol

I'm getting stronger - and think that I haven't only gotten back up, I'll be staying up, thank you very much. Feels too good and the accountability of my 90 day challenge team is keeping that thought in the back of my mind...hmmm...do I want to confess this on our Facebook page?

Also, let me give a HUGE shout out to Nathan Trenteseaux, the owner of Underground Fitness Resolution and an awesome fitness and nutrition coach/consultant.  You can visit his website here and check him out.  He's an awesome, helpful, knowledgeable trainer.  If you live in the Gainesville/Alachua area you should totally check out his place and get in his training.  I would if I lived closer! For now I'm pummeling him with questions and information and I am learning a ton.  He also says "yo" alot which you  know I'm all about.  What!!!???!!! Holla!

Hope you all are having a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL week! 


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