Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Benefits of Amazingness. And Then Some.

So here I am, trying this new thing.

Just wanted to give an update on how things are going for the Whole 30 and for me overall.

I'm on Day 18.  What???  Yep, it's flying by.  Here is a link to the website to learn all about the Whole 30 challenge and the benefits of doing it:  Whole 30 Details

Let me just list THE TOP 10 amazing benefits I'm reaping from eating CLEAN and W30 approved foods ONLY for JUST 18 days:

Ten Benefits of Amazingness (i.e. the Whole 30) SO FAR:

1) energy - I feel great and absolutely experiencing increased strength in my workouts. 
2) strength - to tag on the above, I actually feel my muscles more than I EVER have - I told my husband I can feel my abs, the ENTIRE length of them, and I KNOW soon we will meet!
3) BAD cravings GONE - my prior cravings/issues with sugar.  GONE.  I even made pancakes this morning for my daughter, including handling dark chocolate chips with my BARE hands.  NOT ONE made it into my mouth.  Didn't even want them.  (I felt a little bit like an alcoholic handling a beverage from their past - a bit shaky but couldn't believe how strong I felt!)
4) GOOD cravings HERE - I am craving things like: hard boiled eggs (which I haven't even made yet), brussel sprouts, lean meat, snap peas, green beans, broccoli, healthy soups, fish, etc. WEIRD but YEAH!
5) Physical Improvements - ok, while I'm not allowed to weigh, I just know the scale will be good to me when I do get to weigh as I can just feel it.  I can visibly see changes in my waistline, face, arms, etc.  My hair is shinier, my teeth apparently whiter, my fingernails longer, white tipped and stronger than ever, and my skin clearer. 
6) My will is SOLID - I don't even feel a little unsure of myself, even with a bunch of travel coming up in the next few weeks. I know HOW to do this and I'm DOING it.  Period.  Not at all afraid of what might happen. 
7) My GUT is GREAT - enough said.
8) Sleeping like a BABY - No joke.  I'm waking up in the same position, on my back, as when I go to sleep.  I've never been able to sleep on my back (yes I have an amazing Serta IComfort mattress too) but man, the 8-9 hours I'm getting are solid.
9) Intense FOCUS - If you know me you know this is a huge deal.  I'm usually the "oh look, something shiny" person in the room and have a hard time buckling down sometimes.  I've had laser focus lately.  Getting a ton accomplished at once and knocking things out, all kinds of things.
10) INCREASED HAPPINESS - this one is funny.  I had read you might feel happy for really no good reason.  This is absolutely true!  Now, I do have one blessed life...a great husband, beautiful little girl, dog who adores me, and friends who are absolutely amazing.  However...I still have a house in Florida that needs to sell, some big expenses coming up as I change jobs and have to have COBRA insurance and not one part of me is concerned.  Granted, I'm a normally very positive person, but honestly, I feel more positive than I ever have.

There it is, folks.

Whole 30 eating is EXTREME.  It is CHALLENGING.  I won't call it hard.

Because, to quote from the book, It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, "Please don't tell us that this is hard. Beating cancer is hard.  Birthing a baby is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard."

I've been at this "dieting" thing for 3 and a half years.  I've lost 100 pounds, gained 40 back, then lost another 11 (plus however many I lost this month!).  I consider my last 4 years pretty decent trial and error experience.  I've spoken AGAINST ditching carbs or eliminating food groups.

But this is NOT eliminating carbs.  It's eliminating GRAINS and eating only the carbs that God himself made.  Read the Grain Manifesto here:  Grain Manifesto

I've had cheat MEALS that turned to cheat DAYS that turned to cheat WEEKENDS that turned to cheating 50% of the time. 

I've tried moderation with "bad" foods, exercising more to compensate for eating more (uh, that doesn't help by the way) and self-loathing after eating something "bad." I've tracked every single morsel I put in my mouth, tried to exactly estimate how much I needed to burn, eat, etc.  I've made myself crazy counting, and accounting for, and not spending ANY time really thinking about how I FELT - my gut, my mind, my heart, my muscles.

So are you going to ask the question or are you going to wait for me?

How did that work for you Clara???

Yeah. It didn't.  I am a sugar addict.  And I tried to justify that because the rest of the world justifies it every day.  Sugar does NOTHING LASTING for my body and the temporary high just isn't worth my overall health.  And I gained weight back.  Almost HALF of what I lost in 2 years back in just 8 months. Which brings me to last December, and then right now.

It may sound crazy that I'm just 18 days into something and claiming a permanent healing.  Maybe my tune will change after I travel for the next 3 weeks.  Maybe not.

But on the off chance my tune, resolve, gut and health remain the same and continue to improve, I'm going to continue doing what I'm loving - this W30 lifestyle.  I already plan to extend it another 20 days and make it a Whole 50+ with some reintroduction as I have a group of friends embarking on it starting on Monday.

If I like it, I think I'll make it a WholeFOREVER.  Why not?  In fact, I just spent a little while creating a new board on Pinterest "Good Eats for Life" and deleting my "Favorite Recipes" board that contained CRAP that I might indulge in here and there in life, but don't plan on creating in my kitchen anytime soon, if ever.  Sugar OWNED me folks.  Even pictures of it.  No more.


Visit the website.  Read the material.  Buy the book.  I'm telling you, if you don't feel better after 30 days I'll eat some cheesecake.  (just kidding.  that actually sounds gross right now - that's HOW sure I am that this will change your life!).


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Anne said...

I'm going for a whole Lent. Kudos to your Whole 50!