Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Weight of the World

Ok, so I have a confession to make.

But it's not  FOOD based confession.  Shocked?  I KNOW!  Me eating well for 26 days, staying 100% on track for 26 days was formerly unheard of.

Did you hear me?  26 days!

Even when I gave up chocolate for lent a few years ago (I'm not Catholic but really do like the thought of sacrifice/focus that tradition lends) I ate all kinds of other weird dessert things to replace my daily dose of dark chocolate.

No more.  I traveled all last week and did a great job staying on track!

But I made a decision while I was out and about.  One of the reasons last week was SO good for me is that I stayed with a friend at her apartment and I planned every.single.meal.  This was super helpful and I honestly did not eat ONE thing off plan!  I left on Sunday and returned on Thursday evening.

Even found myself in the car on the way home Thursday without a lunch plan.  Oops.  I found a grocery store and purchased hard boiled eggs and carrots.  It was delicious and plenty filling.  And I was CRAVING these things!

Amazingness.  Still. 

So realizing this next week will be completely unpredictable. I leave Monday morning to head to Atlanta to start my new job.  Spend the night in Atlanta, then drive home Tuesday evening.  Wednesday morning, head out to begin touring my region, stay the night in Savannah, then tour those 3 facilities and head back to Atlanta, spend the night, then go through training on Friday.

I'm going to pack a cooler tomorrow with my breakfast options as those will likely need to be quick and easy, and I will truly pray I can find decent food options everywhere else I go.  Some of the towns I'll be touring through are small. 

Given the uncertainty, I made a well thought out decision to get on the scale yesterday and make note of my current weight.  \

GASP! Yep, I weighed.

But it wasn't in a moment of weakness, giving in to a craving to do so or anything unhealthy.  I just decided I really wanted to see how next week of eating out almost every meal would affect my overall results as this week is the last of my official Whole 30!

Now I have decided I will not be posting about my weight just yet.  Yep, to keep you coming back to my blog and wondering.  Just kidding, really because I didn't weigh so I would lose focus.  I weighed to be able to weigh next Saturday and be able to tell how my new job is going to affect my healthy lifestyle.

You see, I'm already making it a Whole 50.  I may or may not have dark chocolate on my birthday (March 1).  I haven't decided yet.  But I certainly don't feel like food owns me, and I also don't feel like I need to decide on that at the moment. 

I feel really strong.  Really determined.  Really happy with this way of eating.

Yes, I am definitely going to do some reintroduction.  I LOVE beans and I want to see if they affect me negatively or not.  I'm curious about grains but  miss them less honestly.  And occasionally I would love cheese and a little bit of sugar (not together - haha). 

But I CANNOT believe how successful 25 days was, eating really YUMMY food and not going hungry, even one day or night.

I am eating plenty of fat with every meal, enjoying some of my absolute favorite foods ever (avocado is one, and I've always always been a happy carnivore).  Developed some new favorite foods, like brussel sprouts, snap peas, limes, and mangos. 

The one thing I KNOW I have to do better at this week is exercise more consistently.  I ended up with 3 rest days this past week which is too many; mainly because I stayed up too late visiting with friends, and "couldn't" get up early enough a few days then ran out of time.  This will NOT happen this week!

Given that, I'm posting my workout schedule to help me stay accountable.  Here it is:

Sunday: Afternoon run (going to happen in a little bit)
Monday: early morning T30 Weights workout and HIIT 15, 20 or 25 (whichever I have time for)
Tuesday: early morning interval run on treadmill plus a TF workout
Wednesday: early morning T30 Weights workout and HIIT 15, 20 or 25
Thursday: early morning 2 mile run on treadmill plus TF Abs workout
Friday: REST day - sleep "in" then work, then drive home (also happens to be my birthday)
Saturday: We'll see after this crazy week. :)

So there you go.  My workout plans.  Please pray for me this week!  I'm excited about my new adventure, and planning to stay on track throughout it!

Thanks friends!  Home stretch of my first Whole 30!!! Woot woot!


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jrae83 said...

Love all of your success! I still haven't decided if I want to do the Whole 30 or not but I had a really successful week last week and I feel so much better doing what I know to do! My family that you met the weekend I did the 5K in Dothan lives in Claxton which is an hour from Savannah! You should stop in and see them or let me my aunt do your hair! :) Thanks for always being honest and help keeping me motivated!