Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scale-ing Back

So I'm 4 days into the Whole 30 and honestly, the food part has not been very difficult.  Probably because I had already been focused on protein, produce, healthy fats and water. But something else HAS been really really hard.

Let me back up first and tell you that the only main changes to my current diet were removing beans, dairy and dark chocolate.

If you know me well, you know the loss of my daily dose of dark chocolate is serious.  But honestly, it is not the hardest part of this whole thing and I find myself thinking about it very rarely.

Know what I'm obsessed with instead?


I'm not supposed to weigh during the 30 day challenge.  I weighed and did pics/measurements at the beginning as it was time to wrap up January anyway, but no scale for 30 full days.

The only time I've ever done that was when I broke my ankle in 2010 and couldn't get on the scale with a cast on. 

Holy geez, I had NO IDEA this would be so hard for me!

So this is a big mind thing I'm going to have to get past in order to survive the next 26 days and conquer what apparently has become an obsession these last 3 years that I didn't realize was an issue until now!

My trainer friend Nate wrote about this in his blog and has some great insight about training, weight and the scale; check it out HERE.  I read it this week for inspiration when I realized I couldn't stop thinking about or talking about the dang thing!

Overall...obsessively weighing has done nothing FOR me.  If anything, its made me absolutely crazy!

Weighing every morning, before doing anything else.  Weighing after every single long run praying I had run at least half a pound off.  Weighing after a huge meal, and being upset with myself for having eaten too much.  Weighing as soon as I came in from being on a trip to see how badly I had damaged things while traveling.

In thinking about it, I realize that I always step on the scale with slight hope but mostly negative anticipation.  Which is funny, as I've seen the scale go down 100 pounds before, right? Gradually, but still down.  And yet, I always get on there self-loathing in advance, sometimes hopeful, but more often than not in this past year, flat ticked off with myself for not being disciplined enough to have a good number every single time I weighed. And sometimes the number would send me into a tailspin of said self-loathing that would include a dive bomb off the wagon faster than you can say bloat. 

I had my weighing down to such a science, that I knew I would lose about .8 each week until the week of my cycle, when I could lose anywhere from 1.5 - 3 pounds in one week.  When I was consistent, it was more predictable and I actually got on the scale less frequently.  I think it became unhealthy in the last year when I slid off track so much.

SO I'm going to try not to drive myself (and everyone else) crazy with how much I miss the scale...but honestly, I probably won't be able to sleep on night 30 when I know I can get up and weigh myself again...which also happens to be my birthday!

In other news, I've been kind of lethargic and tired, so I've been working out but not as intensely as I was before.  I'm sleeping as much as my body needs to (which means I'm heading to bed NOW) and even taking naps when I can.  I am reading this is common at the beginning of the Whole 30, so I'm just following the plan to a T and hoping I will also experience the burst of energy sometime in the next week or so.  I'm definitely sleeping hard, that's for sure!

That's it for tonight.  Have a great night!  Feel free to share if you're scale-obsessed too...would love to know I'm not alone!



Anne said...

I'm very interested in the Whole30, but there's not a ton of information on the website that I can find. Did you read a book to do it? Did you sign up for the Whole30 Daily? Is there more info once you sign up? I completely understand about being scale-obsessed. I'm the same way. I am always wanting a way to quantify my success, I think. I'm competetive by nature (especially with myself!), so it's nice to have a concrete number to go off of. I'd love to hear more about the program!

ClaraB said...

Hey Anne! The program is on the website - if you click on Whole 30 the program, it should tell you all about it. I was doing it for almost 4 days before getting the book. If you read through you'll also find resources like shopping lists, etc. Let me know if you still have trouble, and I can email you specific page links. I am feeling AWESOME! :)

Anne said...

I finally found the info I'd been looking for under the free downloads section. Thanks! Did you sign up for the daily emails? Just wondering if that part is worth it.

ClaraB said...

awesome! YES I signed up for the daily emails. They are really informative and then you get to click at the end of each day if you made it. really great resources. I recommend it! let me know when you start! There is a facebook group I'm in that is doing it and its really helpful to post questions, comments, etc. :)