Saturday, April 13, 2013

Being a Patient Grasshopper

Hey all!

Sorry it has been a few weeks.  Crazy schedules, then my mother in law was in town last weekend and then my week this week was nuts.  Getting the blog updated before I get another fun filled day started around here.

Things have been going well!  I stayed 100% on track even with my mother in law in town last weekend.  This is a huge deal!  She found my strategically placed "It Starts With Food" book on the coffee table and also was interested in the recipes in Well Fed.  So we spent the weekend talking about nutrition, enjoying each others company and whipping up some amazing W30 approved meals.  She tried my zucchini spaghetti, the Well Fed Bora Bora Fireballs (amazingness) and also from Well Fed we made Jicama home fries.

Jicama looks like a rutabega or another kind of root, but its known as the "mexican potato."  I cooked the heck out of it - 18 hours on high in the crock pot covered in water (diced up first).  Then I pan fried it in coconut oil with the seasoning and it was AWESOME!  Still a little like an undercooked potato.  lol.  I think I'll do the full 24 hours in the crock on high next time and go from there.

I'm really enjoying trying new veggies and recipes.

I got a little discouraged this week because the scale hasn't been very friendly to me.  I'm not gaining, but haven't been losing.  Been at 197.8 or 198.5 for a few weeks it seems.  I analyzed my nutrition and think I figured it out - I needed more veggies.

It's not that I'm eating anything I shouldn't, but I definitely need more veggies overall.  I stopped eating them at breakfast regularly and that sets the tone for the day. So I'm adding them back into my mornings - even if its just on the side and not mixed in with my eggs. 

I did that for a few days and voila, the scale started moving again.  I'm down to 196.4 this morning!

What I've found is when I lack the veggies, I end up retaining more water and getting bloated. 

I also need to not get on the scale every day.  That's another mistake I've made lately, I have started weighing daily again.  Ugh.  I need to stop.

So I am going back to weekly weighins starting today.  I will NOT weigh until next Saturday morning, post-run. 

It won't be that hard this week as I'll be gone for work from Tuesday - Friday.  BUT that means I've got alot of prep to get myself ready to be on the road again.

It's working really well to carry food with me when I'm on the road, which if you know me, you know is just about weekly now with my new job.  I travel with carrots, hard boiled eggs, avocado, larabars (blueberry is my current fave) and of course my olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I have found myself being so set in my nutritional ways that I am not at risk of getting off track.  I just eat this way.  Period.

I don't feel deprived, I don't long to eat this or that.  It's wonderful to have completely reset my palate.

I made my own olive oil mayo this past weekend. I've made it before but wasn't sure what to use it for.  Now I made it and used it for chicken salad which I have really enjoyed.  I also realized I don't really miss creamy dressings, etc., as I haven't had any desire to make my own ranch dressing from it, which I could if I wanted to.  Sigh.  The positive changes are amazing here.

Planning continues to be key.  So does consistency.  And patience.

It's really tough to be patient when I still have ~30 pounds to go and I have been at this for so long.  But it took me almost all of the 4 years to get my nutrition dialed into where it needs to be, so I know it won't take me terribly  long to lose the rest of this weight.  It just won't happen overnight.  Or next week.  Or next month, in fact, it might take multiple months.  I might not be exactly where I want to be this bathing suit season. Yet.

And I need to be ok with that.  Because when you plan, practice consistency in nutrition, routine, and schedule, treat yourself well, sleep enough, eat whole food and exercise, fit happens. 

But it doesn't happen without hard work and dedication.  And I've got plenty more of that to give.

Will report in next Saturday after I weigh again! Have a GREAT week!


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