Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goals, Goals, Goals!

So yes, the title should be sung in your head to the "Girls Girls Girls" tune of the 80s. 

I'm having a fantastic week.

I have lost another 2 pounds - to bring me to 57 pounds lost total.  Super duper exciting.  I now weigh 228...I have not weighed in my 220s for several years!  I'm excited as I am getting closer and closer to my next mini-goal - 214.  That is what I weighed when I became pregnant with Elizabeth.  Getting there will be amazing...and then the next mini-goal of course is under 200!  I can't even imagine the day I get on the scale and my number leads with a 1 again.  It has been at least 8 years since I can say that I weigh in the 100s again. 

I just finished my *last* exam for my Bachelors degree in Marketing today on my lunch break...YAY!  My degree should be arriving in the next few weeks and yes I plan to frame it - that was super hard work for someone who is not a learner at all!

I have run almost 5 miles already this week with my longer run set for Saturday.

You know, doing these great things - it all comes down to GOALS.  I'm so happy to achieve ones I have set - and excited for the ones I will achieve to come. 

I read a short article about motivation yesterday on Spark People (this is a GREAT and FREE website to help you get healthier - check it out! and it said that one of the things that keeps you motivated is seeing successes.  This is why "Small Changes, Big Results" has been such a great thing for me to do.  By making small changes, I have progressively seen success over and over again.  The past 10 months have been amazing and I have grown to truly believe in my own ability to accomplish goals.

Do I think I can do "anything"?  Um, no, because like on American Idol, not everyone is meant to carry a tune anywhere except a bucket.  But the things I *need* to do and am *meant* to do I absolutely *will* do.  Nothing will get in my way of becoming who it is that God wants me to be - and who I need to be physically in order to carry out that plan.  This summer I will be working on devoting time to daily devotions and time with my Creator.  Now that I am achieving goals right and left its time I tackle this one.

Man, I like the way my blueprint is looking. 

Now that you have that song in your head (make sure you use the new lyrics of goals, goals, goals) what goals are you thinking about setting for yourself?  What would motivate you? I'm here to help if you want to toss around ideas.

Happy Thursday All!


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Precious 3 said...

Great post Clara! It's awesome to hear how much you have lost, in just 10 months!

My goals, I've never really written them down, or put much thought into them. Figured it would set me up for disappointment.

1) Lose 10-15 pounds (accomplished!)

2) Run a 5k (almost there!)

3) Lose another 10-15 pounds by the end of summer

I can't do long term! I would love to get down to the weight I was when we were married. I'm not even sure what that was LOL, but I was a size 12.