Friday, June 11, 2010

Tomorrow is a First...

Hey all!

A quick post to say a few things.  Tomorrow (Saturday) I run my first 5k race!!!  I'm so super excited about it.  I have two main goals:

1) run the entire time
2) *my stretch goal* finish in under 40 minutes

I've run the entire 3.1 miles several times so I know I *can* do it.  I usually average a 14 minute mile so I'll be looking for some extra adrenaline to get me through it in less than the 40 mins!  I will be happy with anything under 42, though, really.  But what fun is a goal that isn't a   s-t-r-e-t-c-h??? 

I'm so excited!  Unfortunately I was hit with a migraine literally out of nowhere last night, and I'm hoping it passes by the morning.  I've been migraine-free since I started being healthier in August of last year.  I think it was triggered by aspartame or some other sweetner that I OD'd on last night.  Not going to do that again!

Had a WONDERFUL surprise last oldest brother flew in from Colorado to cheer me on in my first race tomorrow!  I'm so excited and thrilled at the show of support!  In fact, I really feel honored that he came to support me.  WOW!

I will be sure to post pictures and the like tomorrow after my race.  Looking forward to a FIRST I never thought I would attempt!


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