Saturday, June 12, 2010

That's the Hardest Thing I've Ever Done...Seriously!

OK - well, I survived!  Woohoo!

I underestimated the course that sweet Norma said was "really flat."  I wanted to roll Norma down that first huge hill!  So major hills and serious heat without much shade (running an hour and a half later than usual makes a big difference I found) ...those are not excuses, just major challenges I faced today and part of why I did not full on make the goals I had set for myself.

I finished in 45:25.  I had to stop and walk 3 times for a minute or two each time. 

I'm pretty sure our first mile and a half were faster than I normally run - which may have contributed to me hitting the wall.  But the hills and the heat are really to blame.  I usually run at 6:30am at the latest...and it was soooo muggy and hot by 7:30 that by 8am it was steaming.  There were also a few "dead" somethings along the way - we never saw them but man did we smell them! I also had to pee about halfway through the run - but then ended up not having to pee (weird) I think because of all the sweat!  I was really encouraged that the seasoned runners were so encouraging to us as they passed us on their way back - one guy even ran the course a 2nd time (showoff) but checked on me both times to be sure I was ok.  You don't see a large pink ninja sweating her head off running up hill every day I guess.  :) 

Toward the end there was one last police officer cheering us on - I asked if he would mind chasing us, that might get me there quicker.  :)

People who are more competitive than me may think that I "failed."  But I can't feel that way.  A year ago today, I could barely walk down the street much less jog most of a 5k race.  There were seasoned runners who were walking parts of the course even - it was a tough course!  Lesson learned - check out the course in advance and maybe even run it a few times.  :)

So I'm focusing on where I've been and what I've accomplished today!

I've lost 55 pounds.

I rebounded from a serious ankle injury in February.

I have reshaped my blueprint and am working on the building.  

I am certainly NOT the woman I was at the start of this journey.  I am a completely different person with a whole new path.

And two weeks from today I just may try again in another reach goal #1 of running the entire time.  It may be hard this summer given this heat, but all I can do is keep on trying!

My brother Alex, who flew here to cheer me on helped me learn something today about matter how hard you train, how many times you hit the mark and perform during training, you don't have any guarantee of what the "day" will be like when its time to race and you may not perform the way you have been up to that point.  And so it was for me today.

Today was the beginning of a new journey for me even.  And I just may begin calling myself an Athlete...or at least a "Pink Ninja" in the meantime!


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