Monday, October 24, 2011

Better Safe than Sorry...

So, I just returned from the doctor's office...let me back up a few days to give you the scoop.

On Saturday I had a glorious run.  It was beautiful outside, I felt great, so I just kept on going.  A total of 5 miles in 56 minutes.  It felt amazing.

About mile 4, my right foot started to hurt, on the top of it, then it went numb.  Wasn't a terrible pain, but when I felt like going past 5 miles, I decided not to push my luck, just in case.

Sunday I ran 2 miles, just a quick run.  It hurt for about a half mile, then was fine.

Yesterday afternoon my wee one wanted to go for a walk.  I laced up my shoes but could not walk more than a mile with her, my foot hurt so bad.


So today I called the sports med place in Dothan, which couldn't get me in until Friday morning.  I'm not the type to sit around and wait for the scoop on whatever might be going on, so I went to the urgent care instead as I knew they had xray machines.

While they cannot see a fracture, they didn't rule it out.  The radiologist still has to look at the films, but in the meantime, the doc has put me off of my foot for 1 week.  No weight bearing activities.


Yep, that about sums up how I feel about that.  They gave me this adorable post-op shoe to wear - it feels like it is the wrong foot, and as I was adjusting the strap, it broke (oh, darn!) so I will be looking for something else to wear, or I may just wear flats all week.

I had my Zumba clothes in the car.

I could not be more bleh about all of this right now.

But if I have learned anything from being sidelined in the past, its better to be safe than sorry.  I know this personally.

And if I want to run that 10k in 4 weeks, I'd better err on the side of caution.

That is so hard for me - I'm not at all a cautious person (in this regard anyway, I am when it comes to being a passenger in a vehicle - lol).

So please pray for my sanity this week.  I have to make it to Sunday with no running or Zumba.  I'm going to ride my recumbent exercise bike until my butt goes numb, but that won't register any calories burned on the Bodybugg so I'm preparing myself for another bleh week.

My weigh in by the way, yesterday, was terrible.  I was up a pound.  What the HECK?  I think it must be sodium from the traveling last week.  Or the movie theater popcorn and fro yo I had for dinner on Friday  night.  But come ON, I ran 5 miles on Saturday...should have mitigated ALL of that.

Or not.

This whole exact science of losing weight is ANYTHING but exact.

But, I digress.

The point of this post was to ask for prayer.  I'm at risk at this moment of eating all 4 of the leftover jillian michael's healthy brownies (therefore defeating the purpose of them being healthy brownies).  I'm trying really hard not to let myself just give up, even for a day.  I won't be very happy with myself if I do.

Hang in there with me and say a prayer for me, will ya?


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