Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's All in the Plan

I have spent this entire day wallowing.

Sad faced, slow moping, eating crap "comfort" food wallowing.

I didn't eat dinner since lunch was so ridiculous, we all just snacked tonight.  And I made cookies (half a batch, but STILL). 

Did it help?


But with all the wallowing came some planning.  If you know me well, you know having a plan is huge for me.  I have to know what's next.  And with my healthy lifestyle its been no different.  Planning is a HUGE key aspect to my success.

Planning meals.  Planning activity.  Planning for speed bumps.

And man, have I hit a big one.

I'm 90% sure I have fractured my right foot.  On the top of it, above the butterfly tattoo.  I took a week off, as nothing showed on the x-ray but about 3/4 of a mile in to my run today, I felt that familiar pain.  I ran a mile, then walked the mile home.  Completely and utterly bummed.  Apparently stress fractures don't show up on an x-ray right away anyway.

I wanted to cry several times today but have held it in.  It isn't going to help.  And my nose will be stuffy/runny and then I'll have a headache. Nope, not cry worthy.  Yet anyway. It might be when the doc tells me how long to stay off it now...

So, today was about asking for prayer and having pity on myself.  I literally dreamed about running last night, so to wake up and get to go this morning after a week off was amazing.  It made the letdown that much harder to bear, however, when the pain came back.

So tomorrow I'll be calling the dr back and letting her know what the sitch is...and asking for an MRI to be set up.  Once we know for sure what's going on, then we'll go from there.  I don't think I'll need to wear a boot or anything like that, but it will probably be flat shoes and little to no weight bearing activity.

No running.

No Zumba.

No Tae Bo.

No Biggest Loser workouts.

Freaking UGH!

Now that I've sufficiently wallowed, the dust is settling, I have a tummy ache and am in need of a plan.  I only have 5 days to get this worked out with the dr as I fly out next Monday on a 4 day trip.  I need to have my routine figured out before I go so I can still work out while traveling.

Yep, I am not taking {insert # of weeks} off completely. I WILL find something I can do and I will DO it.

And I will rid my office of the candy corn tomorrow morning.

It is really difficult to eat well when I'm not running.  I don't know if its because I associate my food more with fuel when it is being used as such, but I need to remember that even if I'm not running, my body still needs good, healthy fuel to run efficiently.

I only rode my exercise bike once this week.  My butt goes numb after awhile and I get bored (its a recumbent bike).  Starting tomorrow, I'm going to get up early, bump up the resistance, then ride it for an hour at least.  I have a book I've been trying to read so I can do that simultaneously.

So the plan consists of eating within my range, and making the BEST choices I can, and exercising in the BEST way I can.  At least doing something.

And for some reason, when I decide it, say it, blog it and plan it, 9 times out of 10 it becomes my reality.

Last week I spent too much time denying that I could really be that injured and just trying to get through the stupid week so I could run again and everything would be fine.

This week I'm going to deal with it head on, make the best of an undesirable situation, and blog as much as I can for accountability.

Sound like a plan?

Good.  I needed one.

As much fun as its been to wallow, it has gotten me nowhere.  Fortunately it was only a day.

Setbacks are going to happen on your healthy lifestyle journey.  This isn't my first injury.  It's my first "not cool story" injury.  But despite any setbacks I've experienced, I've always come out stronger and still overall successful.

I may not be running a 10k on Thanksgiving.  But I will still be giving thanks for a number of things.

Catch you tomorrow for my first accountability post of the week.  I'll be including a "what I ate" and "what activity I did" as well as an update on my foot.


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