Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breaking the plateau, one good choice at a time!

So, the plateau started getting to me.  It isn't technically a plateau but I'm not losing like I was...and I've been in the 47-49 pounds lost range for about 4 weeks which I was SO over.  :)  I decided to break the plateau...but realized quickly that it was going to take a series of good choices to get me there.

One example would be tonight.  My mom and I went shopping, then to dinner.  Usually we would go to my former favorite place, TX Roadhouse, where I would be tempted with yeast rolls and cinnamon butter, uncountable peanuts and fried chicken tenders.  I wasn't extremely hungry as I had a very satisfying lunch, so we went to Chick-fil-a where I had a chargrilled chicken sandwich and fruit. It was awesome!  And just right.  I came in just in my calorie 'range' for the day on SparkPeople.  That feels good.  This is supposed to be the weekend I lose a few pounds due to where my cycle is...and I'm trying to do everything right to be sure it actually happens!

Another great choice today...sticking to my running program!  I completed Day 3 of Week 6 in the Couch to 5k running program (  I actually ran...wait for it...for 25 minutes without stopping!  I still am not sure I believe I actually did it.  I truly feel accomplished at this moment in time.  I'm not "there" yet.  I can't run 3 miles without stopping.  But I'm close - almost 2 miles today.  I'm sooooo excited!

This will be a few weeks of great accomplishment for me - finishing my Bachelors in Marketing in a few weeks...breaking the plateau...running my first 5k on June 12th.  Very exciting times.  And each of these things has started with a series of good choices and decisions to believe enough in and care enough about myself to succeed.

Never in my life have the achievement of goals tasted so sweet as when they were challenging to accomplish and I wondered if I ever would at the onset. 

Life is good.


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