Monday, May 31, 2010

For the First Time...Large makes me happy.

What a fantastic weekend that was.

Believe it or not we grilled every day this weekend...and I lost weight again.  :)  Down another 2 pounds to total 55 pounds down.  I'm excited to be here, in this place, at this time, doing this thing.  Its fun to watch my life change like this.

I did alot of shopping this weekend.  We have some trips coming up, for work and for fun ~ and I needed some summer and beach wear.  I did the bathing suit shopping first.  Ugh - I dreaded it.  I started at Old Navy, mainly because it was next door to Petsmart and I had to pick up food for my dog.  I have never fit well into their clothes.  Never bought a pair of jeans there.  I think only more recently have they even carried plus sized attire.  I found a pretty swimsuit (on the hanger) and some shirts and decided to hit the fitting room.  I had my little girl with me, who has no trouble being honest with me, which is normally a pretty good thing, really, when it comes to clothes shopping.

I decided to get the bathing suit trying on over with.  I pulled on the plum colored suit with beautiful fabric stretched across the front horizontally - not in a dress like fashion but more like that gathered look.  I stood there for a moment kind of shocked.  I actually looked decent.  Not amazing.  And trying to figure out how to hide my thighs, but wow.  The suit was really flattering.  At the register I found it was on sale.  Double luck!

One of the shirts I bought was a size Large. Do you know I have never really worn a large?  Maybe in High school - but for most of my adult life, I've been a 1X or bigger.  Its so neat to put on "normal" sized clothing. 

Today I hit Ross which is one of my favorite stores.  I found a dress for $9.99 with a beautiful coral, brown and white print.  And...wait for was a size 14.  I have not worn anything in that size since I got married.  Now I'm still 45 pounds away from that weight, and the dress may have been on clearance since it was "big" for its size, but I don't care.  It looks lovely and was a deal.  Happiness!

So why am I talking all about clothes on my blog about changing my blueprint?  Because I am getting to reap the rewards of all of the sweat and the changed lifestyle.  I am enjoying the fruit of my labor and dedication to changing my life.  And I'm being diligent at getting rid of my "fatter" clothes - because I don't plan on ever fitting back into those clothes again. 

Man, does that feel good.

I'm so glad to be here in this moment - and I feel blessed to be able to share these triumphs with you.

Let me know how I can support you in your journey!


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