Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Great Wall of Plateau Came Tumbling Down...

Exciting news!  Have finally broken the plateau I've been on for what seems like forever...and now I'm down 51 pounds!  Woohoo!  Very exciting times.  It feels amazing.

I know what did it - a series of good choices.  Every good choice you make is calories saved in the bank.  Or burned if the choice includes exercise.

A very recent choice, just today we had a church supper - you know how dangerous those can be!  I am excited to say I did not get a 2nd plate (even though its almost offensive in the south not to) and kept my calories in check.  I felt satisfied and not gross after eating.  That is the way to go folks!

On the way home I mentioned cooking dinner and everyone else in the car was like, how can we eat dinner, we just ate a huge meal, we won't need dinner!  I had my non offensive chance to say, well, I didn't overeat, so I will be having dinner tonight.  Might be just me eating, but I need to cook one more meal to leave some for my family anyway since I leave town again tomorrow.

So choices is my focus today.  Everything that comes into your path gives you a chance to make a choice.  I know for many years I didn't make good choices most of the time - and paid for those consequences excessive weight gain, feeling horrible and inactive, pain in all of my joints, stretch marks in places there should not be stretch marks.  Were all of those fried chicken sandwiches worth it?  Today I say no - then I said yes.  Now when I eat food of "my past" it tastes bland and hollow to me.  I much prefer healthy, real food.  I never thought I would say that.  But the choices I have made for the last 8 months have completely changed my own future blueprint of health, and fortunately my taste buds have changed for the positive too!

I choose to stay active.  I choose to run a 5k race on June 12th.  I choose to eat healthy at least 90% of the time (the other 10% includes indulgences like chocolate, cookies or whatever else strikes my fancy - in moderation of course!).

In doing these things...its like I am choosing to live.  That's huge.

Here's to another week of great choices.  Let me know if you have been able to do the same - lets keep one another motivated to live healthy!


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