Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And the Winner is...


I had my official weigh in yesterday...and my official weigh in weight was 193.8.  I broke the 195 barrier FINALLY!  It wasn't without hard work - and that awesome eating cleanse I did last week really jumpstarted me back in the right direction.  Plateau?  Toast.

I worked really hard too.  That counts - lots of exercise and activity.  I earned it!

I have to say I've done really well since coming off the cleanse (unofficially already down to 193 this morning).  I have been more conscious of getting my veggies in, as well as not eating for no reason.

Take today for example.  I packed leftover chicken and spinach enchiladas for lunch.  I had 2 enchiladas which was a little more than I might normally have but I didn't bring any snacks so I was hungry.  At dinner we made turkey burgers and it just worked out that Stephen did not put cheese on mine (100 calories save) AND I was going to make sweet potatoes to go with it but we ran out of time, SO I ended up doing carrots and light ranch with our turkey burgers.  That's it.  A few years ago that wouldn't have even qualified as a snack.  Tonight it was delicious and filling!  And got my veggies in.

Yesterday morning I did a short run as I had a work trip to fly out for early in the morning.  I did sprints and luck had it that my Garmin had run out of juice so I don't even know how I did.  I estimated I probably only burned 250 calories which is below my 600-700 plan for most days of the week.  Today I decided to make up for it.  Ran 5k this morning burning 602 calories, then biked 12 miles on my recumbent bike tonight for another 700+ calorie burn while I watched the finale for the Biggest Loser.

{side note - I'm pretty proud of myself that I managed to miss any news on who won the show and watched it tonight - it was awesome!}

So today I burned over 1334 calories and ate 1359.  I don't recommend going that crazy in one day I just felt good and wanted to make up for lost sweat equity yesterday.

I saw this quote tonight on someone's facebook status that really resonated with me:

There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.
WOW, right?

I feel like it sums up what I've been saying for about 21 months now.  I am not just INTERESTED in losing weight and getting healthy.  I am COMMITTED to it.

I spoke to a woman at the grocery store the other day when she commented on my healthy food in the cart - she assumed I had always been the size I am today.  I had to show her my before picture. 

Think about that.  I talk to many people who ask me a few curious questions here and there about my journey.  They are impressed, but you can tell that many cannot fathom that I've done the hard work.  Sometimes I feel like they are waiting for me to tell them that I got a shot and the weight fell off.

It's not that easy.

I'm "interested" in alot of things.  Reading books - though I rarely finish one.  Playing piano - though I hardly ever get to practice.  The beach - hardly ever go.

I'm "committed" to just a few special things in my life.  My husband.  My daughter.  My God.  My health.

My health finally ranks somewhere in the commitment side of my life vs just being something I'm interested in fixing.  Or wishing I could change.

Because I have changed it.  And I'm not done morphing.  But man, am I on the fast track to success.

In 8 more pounds I will have reached 100 pounds down.  I will still have some to go (20-30 pounds depending on how I look and feel).  But I will have seen something all the way through to completion.  Using my commitment.

There are only a few things in life I can say I'm committed to.

And living my life the best way possible is now one of them.



Anonymous said...

That's fantastic - and I'm stealing that quote, just so you know.

You and another friend of mine have be huge inspirations to getting my own health and weight in order. I'm down 12.7 lbs. I can do this - you've shown me that.

April ('sweet tater' from JBC)

ClaraB said...

SO glad to hear that April! You go girl with the weight loss! I'm proud of you. Keep in touch with me! Love ya, Clara