Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5 - GOOOOAL!

SO I made it to Day 5.  Well halfway through it anyway.  Just have my yummy wrap for dinner and then I'm DONE with this 5 day cleanse.

I knew I'd be too busy tonight so here is my blog for this final day. 

Here are the things I have learned and reconfirmed during this challenge.

1) Just because it's there doesn't mean I have to try it.  Believe it or not there was a HUGE basket of temptation brought into the office today.  It was full of muffins, cookies, brownies and seriously, HUGE.  Once again I filled up my water bottle and moved along.  Each time I do that I feel THAT MUCH STRONGER!

2) Healthy food is yummy.  Once you acquire a taste for certain different foods, like raw spinach, greek yogurt, brown rice, etc., you start to realize that natural flavors taste really good!  My banana smoothie for breakfast this week was to die for!  Pretty sure that and other versions of smoothies for breakfast are here to stay.

3) Exercise is SO worth the time and effort.  Getting out of bed early in the morning is REALLY hard for me.  I hate getting up earlier than "necessary."  But exercise is now necessary!  And I always feel a million times better for it.  All that sweat = pounds melting off.  Without exercise, my fuel is pointless.

4) My eating plan had slacked off...I needed a FOOD-lift!  It was too easy for my eating to slide - a little bit of this here, ok, just one of those.  White bread this time?  ok, if that is all there is.   Big portion?  Of course, I ran 4 miles today and I'm starving! This week reminded me that I had food rules for a reason.  And controlling portions is such a big factor - I have proven this week that I can eat smaller portions and be satisfied.  When I watch my portions and follow my own food rules consistently, the scale and I are best buds.  So I'm going back to the basics this weekend, reading my earlier blogs and giving myself a much needed Food-lift. 

5) Nothing tastes as good as good choices feel.  There is nothing I have had a craving for this week that I thought would be worth me making a bad choice.  Now, this is only a 5 day challenge so that made it easier knowing that soon enough I would be "free."  But really, nothing was worth derailing me.  And if you've read my blogs this week you'll know I came into contact with ALOT of potential derailments.  Each time I walked away, politely declined and crunched on my spinach salad I felt...






Me, Will Power and Self Control - we're tight.  And we are a force to be reckoned with.  More to come in the next few days as I come off of this cleanse and ease back into my healthy lifestyle (with the food-lift of course).



Debbie Fowler said...

Just read your entire week's worth of post... Congratulations on a successful week! You have inspired me to do something similar. I'm curious, which issue of Health magazine did you find this cleanse in? I also want that banana smoothie recipe! Thanks so much for blogging about your experience!

ClaraB said...

Hi Debbie!

It was last month's issue. I will probably post the entire plan sometime this weekend if you want to check back. So glad you found my blog! all the best to you. Clara

Debbie Fowler said...

Thanks, Clara! I would love to see the plan when you have time to post it. I actually was out today and looked at the current months issue and realized it was not that one. Thanks so much and I will definitely be checking back.