Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1 Jumpstart...And We're OFF!

So today I began my 5 day Jumpstart...I'm calling it that, it isn't actually named that.  I think the name is 5 day healthy cleanse that I found in my Health magazine.  Anyway, I'm hoping it will jump start my metabolism that has been slow as molasses this past few months.  Getting me on my way to losing this last pesky 30 pounds.

It's funny to say that my "last 30 pounds" is pesky when that is more than alot of people want to lose.  But given I've lost about 85, I'd say 30 can qualify as pesky at this point.

My day started with probably the best smoothie I've ever tasted - and I'm not just trying to be Miss Positivity here - it was divine.  And HUGE.  I plan to drink half of tomorrow's before going out for my run.

Lunch was also scrumptious.  The goat cheese and pecans really complimented my spinach salad and the homemade pomegranate dressing is definitely a keeper!  I was very satisfied. (missing the polenta croutons they want you to make - might add those later in the week if I can find polenta!)

Snack was also really good - the plain greek yogurt mixed with rolled oats and honey (the recipe called for a few teaspoons of honey, but I put about 2 tablespoons - it needed it!).

Finally, dinner was a black bean and chicken whole wheat wrap with tomatoes and brown rice.  I needed avocado but didn't have time to get to the store - will try to do that tomorrow on my lunch break.  I stuffed the wrap with spinach.  It would have tasted better with some light sour cream and salsa but I'm out of both so I went with it plain.  It tasted really really good.  Maybe because I was starving by then!

I drank 3 water bottles (24 oz each) full of the green tea (no sweetener or sugar).  I actually like the taste - remember I drink plain water all the time (drank about 3 bottles full of that too - also 24 oz each).  I think my eyeballs are floating officially with 144 oz of liquid but that definitely helps with the flushing effect.

I was really hoping I would not bonk during Zumba tonight but a little concerned since my eating was different.  Not only did I not bonk, I felt great.  And can't wait to get up and run in the morning!  And have another one of those awesome banana smoothies.  I'm already thinking about what other kind of smoothie I can make once I'm done with this cleanse.

So I'm 20% done!  I feel cleaner already.  HA!  Really, I feel good and am excited to see how this week plays out. 

More tomorrow!


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