Saturday, May 28, 2011

Starts with Planning, Ends with Jeans.

I had a great week.  Really, all around great week.  Very busy, but managed to stay on track.  How?  Good planning.

I brought my lunch every day this week except Tuesday when I was traveling for work (where I opted for a grilled chicken breast and veggies for lunch).  So the other days I made brilliant salads.  Dark greens, protein, and healthy salad dressing goodness.

Did really well at dinner too all week.  Even considering my travel I still cooked every night.

Also kept up with my activity.  Just 200 calories short of 4000 burned for the week.  Will be getting on the exercise bike in a few minutes to finish that off.

It really all comes down to planning. 

For exercise, every day I decide what activity I will do for exercise the next day.  Some days are pre-planned, like my Monday night Zumba.  But this Monday night there is no Zumba since it is a holiday.  Therefore I'm already thinking about what I will do instead. 

For eating, we grilled tonight.  I roasted sweet potatoes and boiled corn.  Grilled some zucchini with the pork steaks.  It all tasted amazing.  Had a lowfat brownie with strawberries and whip cream for dessert.  Stayed well within my calorie range.  But feel very satisfied and the food was awesome.

I weighed today and I'm down to 191.4.  Another 2.2 pounds.  I'll believe it Tuesday morning (official weigh in day) if it looks that good then.  But if that is so, I've lost 94 pounds.

SOOOOO close to 100 pounds down.  I can see it.  I'm rounding the bend.  And when I cross that 100 pounds down line I'll keep running to reach my final goal {approximately 20-30 more pounds depending on a variety of factors}.

Last weekend I bought a new pair of jeans.  They are Lee which I'm not usually a big fan of, but these had a really cute cut to them and are a size 14 (which for the record my Nine West jeans that are size 14 are getting too baggy - it is my opinion that Lee runs small).  I wore them to work yesterday and loved them so much I'm going back tomorrow to buy a size 12 and size 10 to hang on to for future fit.  I hesitated a little bit to buy the 10s as I haven't been that size since high school, but if I drop a size for every 10-15 pounds, then I will probably make it to a 10.  And that might be it.

But I've become less convinced that I really know my "end" goal weight as time continues on.  I've said 165 many times, which would be 120 pounds down.  The weight I was at my thinnest in high school was about 155.  BUT I was not the athlete then that I am today.  So with the crazy leg muscles I have now (I promise to post some pictures later this week), I'm not sure 155 would cut it. 

I know this...I refuse to sacrifice my athletic ability to be "skinny."

I just really want to be fit.  I read a great blog on Sparkpeople today about banning "skinny" and going for fit.

I really feel that is where I want to be.  I want to have a flat stomach, cut, fit arms, and shapely legs.  I'd like my thighs not to touch and my back to be smooth. 

I'd like my jeans to look good on me, but I don't really care what size they are.  If the 10s are my final goal jeans, and we determine that in about 25 pounds, then so be it.  If I never make it out of the 12s but I look good and run fast, then who cares? 

Not me.

But if I find myself continuing to lose but continuing to achieve my fitness goals and increase my strength, then we'll go that route.

It's not called a journey for nothing.

I'm in it for what's best for me.  New jeans or no new jeans.

There is WAY less pressure on this side of healthy.  I cannot even tell you how liberating this realization has been for me.

Won't you join me?



Kayla C. said...

Clara you look amazing! Just wanted to let you know! Love the blog!

jrae83 said...

LOVE it! :)

Gabriela said...

Hi Clara!
I read your post in Reshaping It All and it inspired me so much!!! Especially when it comes to making the right choices. I've looked into doing the couch to 5k and started the push ups program. Keep Pressing On!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much! This post was especially inspiring