Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 2 Jumpstart...

I made it through Day 2!  Yeah!

It wasn't terribly hard today.  Experienced a bit of nausea but that could very well be related to the week and the moon if you know what I mean.  Overall I feel good and I managed to avoid eating ANY ice cream at the ice cream social we had at work this afternoon for employee appreciation week.

I had a good run this morning, had limited time due to getting out later than normal but it was good nonetheless.  I drank half of my banana smoothie before going out and the other half when I got back.  Perfection!

One variance today was that I added a tablespoon of light ranch dressing to my wrap at dinner.  It was a nice addition, but I could easily just add salsa and be fine. 

Another slight variance is I was dying for something sweet tonight after dinner.  I made the family raspberry/peach/banana smoothies and I had half a cup of one.  (like literally half a cup).  I'm sure that won't kill me...

It sure was challenging making yummy spaghetti for my family and not eating any - so while their noodles cooked I ate my wrap.  We all kind of ate all over the place tonight and it worked out ok so I didn't have to watch anyone eat the yummy spaghetti. :)  I'm not crazy over spaghetti, but just like any mentality, when you "can't" have it man, you want it that much more!  No matter what it actually is.  I have found myself craving strange things that I never really wanted but as SOON as I said "I can't have that" there was a spotlight on it and it began speaking to me.

This is the reason that dieting doesn't work.  I'm not averse to doing a cleanse like this one...because it only lasts 5 days!  I could never do something like this long term.  But I have a specific purpose and reason in mind.  And after this week my healthy eating lifestyle will feel so much freer than this eating plan this week. 

I have scaled down my exercise just a tad as well.  I can tell I have a little less energy than I had (again may have to do with the moon) and given my calories are around 1200 I just can't burn 4000 this week.  I am shooting for 3000 though.

I don't plan on any kind of crazy eating free for all come Saturday.  I plan to ease back into my eating plan, up my calories again by a few hundred, and then up my activity again as well.

So I am 40% done with this challenge and I feel really good.

Oh - and the best part?  This morning I was down 2 pounds from last Tuesday.  I'm sure some of that is water weight since I only had 1 day going on the jumpstart plan, so I'm encouraged that the rest of this week will yield good results.

195 here I come!


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