Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 4 Jumpstart...80% DONE!

Day 4...CHECK!

Today I avoided donuts at work.  I'm telling you, I go on a strict eating regimen for 5 days and then all food heck breaks loose around me.  Lunch catered in Monday and an all day meeting complete with a gallon of available candy, ice cream social on Tuesday, then donuts at work this morning.

Guess how much of all of that I consumed?


Remember those friends I talked about a few months ago?  Will Power and Self Control?  They hung with me in full force this week.  I seriously heart them.

Pretty sure they (and a few good lunch buddies) are why I still lost weight at my last job despite the almost daily from scratch desserts that showed up. Those healthcare people can EAT!

So all in all, the scale is whispering sweet nothings (rather excitedly) this week but I won't talk much about it until my official weigh in on Tuesday.  All I will say is that I believe I really got the jumpstart I needed...

....and I should probably start the pre-planning for my 100 pounds lost party in June.

Don't get too excited...this doesn't mean I'm almost there...but I'm definitely on my way by all reasonable calculations.

Man, I say I'm not going to say anything and there I go spilling 3,000 clues.  Oh well, to know me is to love me.

One very cool thing I have noticed is my waistline.  I wish I had measured my waist on Sunday - I promise you, it is smaller.  Visibly so.  Gah for not having measured.  Please if you are on a weight loss journey and you don't do measurements now, please start doing monthly.  Seeing a total number of inches can be as motivating as seeing the numbers on the sale move.  I'm disappointed I can't see numbers but very happy I can still see CHANGE.

Check out this girl on Sparkpeople who has visual comparisons of similar weights and different sizes:

160 pounds across 4 sizes!

I don't have much else to say since the food is the same every day (ha).  Had a good run this morning and thought about doing another workout this evening but decided to give myself a little break and do another workout in the morning along with my long run Saturday morning.

There you have it - will be very happily blogging Day 5 (the LAST day) tomorrow!



jrae83 said...

Awesome!!! I totally have to confess that we ate at restaurant in town tonight that we just found out was on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Just watching the show makes me ill sometimes! :) We had the prime-rib po-boy and corn pudding. I decided to go ahead and eat it and not feel guilty since it's something I really wanted to try. I am pleased to say that I only ate half of each and when I went to the movies afterwards...I had NO popcorn and that is saying something for me! lol! My hubby bought me a jogging stroller while I was gone to the movies so I am so excited since I did day one with a umbrella stroller...HARD! And we got a gym membership today! I've never been so excited to be healthy and lose weight! Thanks for all the inspiration!

ClaraB said...

Thanks Jessica! Love it "confession" :) I am so glad to hear the excitement you have for your health and fitness. It will only grow as you grow stronger. Go us!