Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 3 Jumpstart...Rounding the Bend!

So I'm blogging on my lunch break - I never do this, but I have a plan to be in bed by 9pm tonight.  I've gone to bed at 10pm or later the past 3 nights which has made it harder to wake up and work out and even harder to get to work on time.  It throws everything off.  SO.  Tonight is 9pm.  I don't care if the dog is still awake.  I won't be. 

I'm 60% done with this jumpstart plan!!!

Day 3 is going well! Just finished my amazing spinach salad.  I love love love it.  It will likely become a staple.  I'm feeling really good.  Rode 10 miles on my exercise bike this morning while watching last night's Biggest Loser on (no cable).  I just love that show, it is so inspiring.  Those women are making me see myself in the future where they are - and I totally see how attainable my goals are.

I debated on whether or not to post this, but today I'm down another 2 pounds - got on the scale just to see, not officially weigh in and I was surprised though I thought I noticed a slight difference in my waistline.  The reason I debated is this - *results not typical.*  I don't want any of my blog followers to stop what they are doing if they are seeing success to do this.  Because it is a short term metabolism boost and should only be reserved for plateaus.  I have not lost 4 pounds in a week since my first week in August 2009 when I began this journey.  And who knows how the week will shake out - I may gain again by the end of the week.  So, please pay attention to this disclaimer - this is not something that everyone even should do.  But I am glad to say it seems to be working for me and the purpose was to jump start my weight loss again.  I needed a recharge!

While it is working for me, the hard work actually begins when this ends.  I can gain every bit of it back if I go on a free-for-all come Saturday and beyond.  But I am aware of this and planning on NOT letting that happen.  And I'm encouraged that I should hit 90 pounds down very soon (I'm at 195.6 so just .6 away!) and I'm that much closer to 100 pounds lost!

Man, I can't wait to write that blog post...the 100 pound party.

When I started this journey it was soooo far away I couldn't even imagine the feeling.  Now I have butterflies just thinking about how it will happen and trying to decide how we will celebrate.  This year.  Maybe even in the next few months.  WOW!!!

So there it is - an update, a disclaimer and a hopeful prophecy. 

See you on Day 4!


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