Sunday, September 9, 2012

Accountability Post Day 5

Much better day today!

We visited a church with a friend today and heard a great message.  We don't have a church home right now, given we are waiting on what is next from God, and I'm enjoying seeing how other congregations do their thing. 

Heading to bed in about 5 minutes, all packed and ready to run 8 miles with my running buddy tomorrow.  EEK!  8 miles!  Ok - not going to think about it or I may not fall asleep....

Here's how my food choices ended up today:

Food (calories in):

Breakfast: Apple Pie Oatmeal (another pinterest recipe - get it here!
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, lima beans, steamed cabbage, 2 small biscuits (and 1/2 a chicken finger)
PM Snack: 19 Fresh Cherries (yes, I counted them, after the fact - lol)
Dinner: Uncle Sams Cereal baked chicken fingers, mashed cauliflower, steamed broccoli
Dessert: leftover Zucchini Brownie!

Exercise (calories out):

5k run this morning


This will include anything I ate that day that did not promote fat loss, but fat storage:

2 small biscuits at lunch - they are really mini biscuits.  unnecessary but I had a very low carb lunch otherwise for the most part and I was legitimately hungry.

Otherwise I did great today.  And feeling MUCH more like my old self again.  YAY for that!

Now off to sleep.  If I get a chance to post tomorrow night, it will be late and very very brief...I leave my house at 4:45am and likely won't be home until 9pm!

Have a Happy Monday and make GOOD choices!

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