Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Accountability Update Week 2 Day 1

Hey all!

Wow, I've been so busy I can't see straight.  Work is crazy, after hours work dinners, and trying to squeeze in workouts, I really have been wondering if I'm going to make myself sick.  Trying to make sure even if my house is a wreck, I get enough sleep right now. 

I've had two work dinners the last two nights.  Interesting results, one was at an executive's home and had mostly fried options, the other was a restaurant where I had too many options.  Here's how I fared:


Food (calories in):

Breakfast: Cereal, dark chocolate chips mixed in
Lunch: wheat wrap with pepperjack cheese, all natural turkey, bbq ranch and tons of greens
PM Snack: banana
Dinner: Fried catfish, 2 fried hushpuppies, 5 (literally) fried french fries

Exercise (calories out):

Nothing, didn't feel well when I woke up (likely from the crap I ate Sunday - ugh!)


Food (calories in):

Breakfast: Uncle Sams Cereal with dark chocolate chips
Lunch: Thin crust pizza, side salad
PM Snack: 3 andes mints, 2 small york peppermint patties
Dinner: ceasar salad, 3 oz steak, 3 oz tuna, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, some bread and crab dip and waaaaay too many bites of a dessert... UGH oh - had TONS of diet coke today to stay away....yep.  bad.

Exercise (calories out):

Nothing again.  Exhausted from the long days.

Assessment:  Not having a fantastic week and I'm sure exhaustion is partly to blame.  I did skip dessert on Monday night and was pretty proud of that.  But then Tuesday night I just caved.  Tonight I have yet another dinner out but plan to be reasonable.  I did get up and run 2 "fast" miles this morning so that is a plus, especially given all I wanted to do was sleep more!

Not my proudest week...I continue to struggle with self-control and making the best choices.  Being honest on here is painful, but necessary. 

I'll probably do two days at a time as I'm literally squeezing this blog in during my 15 min eat at my desk break before jumping back into the craziness of my work world.

Thanks for keeping up with me and for being supportive! 


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